Sissy gurl lingerie

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Heels For Gurls has been set up with you in mind. We aim to provide the highest quality heels and intimates that reflect the fact that you deserve the best products that match your taste, temperament and body style. With the advent of the internet, those gender fluids amongst us can connect in ways ly not possible. Society is slowly coming to Sissy gurl lingerie us in all or varied forms, shapes and sizes. We are a diverse community from the occasional crossdresser to those who choose to a permanent transformation into the beautiful woman that lives inside.

We are all different and our stories reflect that, but we also share so much in common. Let's face it we all love heels and gorgeous intimates! That's where we come in. At "Heels For Gurls" we know that you deserve things that are tailor made for you, enhancing who you can become. Shoes that fit your feet perfectly and intimates that are feminine and sexy in both look and fit. To date it has been hard to find something that is made specifically for us without losing the qualities that are essential to us.

Sissy gurl lingerie

Heels For Gurls is here to plug that gap. So, meet the team behind the scenes.

Sissy gurl lingerie

Hopefully you will get to know us better as our product range expands and changes to meet your needs over the years. Susan - The owner of Heels For Gurls, and our driving force and a real girl. They might look OK but in Sue's experience, feel has often been compromised. Sue Sissy gurl lingerie had a lot of experience with the community especially from her days as a Massage Therapist and as Trudie's sis.

Sue is dedicated to bringing you only the best products and service to make your time and experience as a woman the best it can be. Trudie is a gurl and has been for over 40 years. It's a big part of her person and she loves transforming into her true and blissful self whenever the time and other commitments allow. Looking the part from head to toe is essential and her shoes and intimate apparel play a key role in helping her feel sexy and confident whether it is to go out socialising, shopping or on a date.

From time to time you might see her featured here modelling some new items or wearing some of the wide range of heels on sale. You can also read her blog giving her quirky, honest and often funny take on what it's like to being a gurl. Whatever your size, shape, place on your journey or your end destination we are dedicated to bringing your inner beauty to the fore however you present to the world.

Think of Heels For Gurls as helping you put your best foot forward. Rachel-Jane has enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being a crossdresser for nearly 40 years, and loves being her femme self.

Sissy gurl lingerie

Rachel-Jane will be helping out with the social media side of things, so Sue can keep bringing you those wonderful products all of us gurls so desire. From sexy heels, beautiful boots, gorgeous custom made lingerie or even a personalised fitting and so much more. We are all here to help you out to find something you love.

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Sissy gurl lingerie

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