Skakoan star wars

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Wat Tambor From Star Wars Attack on the Clones Happy Inktober fanart illustrationart ilovedrawing starwarsnerd starwarsart wattambor starwarsdroids robotics skakoan starwarsattackoftheclones dotwork inktober A simplified breakdown of my recent Star Wars day piece. There was a lot of jumping back and forth between photoshop and illustrator during the process. So what do you do?

Skakoan star wars

Remember, they only ever needed his succulent brain and frankly, it was very kind of them to rebuild his body with functional limbs and organs. Tried some new things on this piece, particularly with regards to adding texture to the shadows. Also fun fact, I grabbed some rubber dish washing gloves and used my own hand for reference here. Custom Wat Tambor by bigkidbrix legocustomminifigure legocustom legostarwars lego starwars starwarstheclonewars wattambor skakoan technounion KUS.

Fun Fact: Skakoans have to wear pressure suits in order to survive off of their homeworld.

Skakoan star wars

Tags: starwars jedi wattambor clones clonewars clonetrooper sith explorer darkside kenobi skywalker starwarsfacts daily dailystarwars prequels trilogy battledroids kamino kashyyyk mustafar skako skakoan facts geeklife. Forgive me Lego, for I have sinned I used glue and I don't even regret it. Techno Union represent! Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, all CIS subordinates where bound to be assassinated or captured. Betokk could barely escape his homeworld Skako Minor.

Due to him being a military advisor for the Techno Union and Confederacy of Independent Systems, he was ased the rank of Commander, for his military expertise. He wore the typical Rebel Alliance officer uniform combined with a Skakoan pressure suit with Rebel Emblem, necessary for his survival when not on Skako Minor and an arm mounted display.

Skakoan star wars

He was armed with a DH blaster pistol. Skakoan star wars was present on the rebel base on Yavin IV during the preparation of the battle of Yavin and he kept serving the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, ensuring many victories. A couple weeks before the battle of Endor, his Skakoan star wars corvette, dubbed the 'Skako Six' was assaulted and captured by a stormtrooper special forces squad led by the Imperial Security Bureau.

His crew was slaughtered and he was taken in Imperial custody. Because the Imperials believed he had vital information, he was tortured beyond belief, with the imperials slowly decompressing his suit, making him scream out in agony. The torture kept on going, but the brave officer kept his mouth shut. They kept going and going, until his vital organs crushed. Right before he died he said with his last breath: "Long He was the brain behind many droid des, including the B1 battle droid, the B2 super battle droid, the BX-series droid commando and later the B3 ultra battle droid and the C-B3 cortosis battle droid.

He was truely a genius, beginning his career early on in his life. Wat Tambor remarked his mathemathic abilities not to long after the formation of the Techno Union and gave him the function of Chief droid deer. He wore the traditional Skakoan pressure suit to simulate Skako Minor's atmosphere. Under his silver-plated armor he wore a high-end purple robe which sported the emblem of the Techno Union. He also wore specialized goggles with he-up displays. Due to him being such a high profile character in the CIS war machine, he was constantly under threat of assassination.

They wore silver pressure suits combined with a black robe and additional armor, including a helmet, communications antenna, a reinforced mouth-plate and night-vision goggles. They were armed with a custom-built Skakoan blaster pistol and a vibroknife, which they used to protect their master with all they've got Kul was a villain in the Republic Heroes video game. Skako Minor! Home to the Skakoans and the Poletec, this world was controlled by the Techno Union, whose headquarters was the city of Purkoll.

They fly now? Thank you, Lucasfilm and Disney, for finishing "The Clone Wars" and showing us this beautiful location in the stellar animation of Season Seven! His look now matches how he appeared in "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith"! They have grey-green skin which hangs in folds over their skeletons, no hair, beady sunken eyes, nasal slits, and a lipless mouth. Their mouths also have no teeth and as such the Skakoans do not ingest solid food. Most species have never seen the true appearance of a Skakoan as they are forced to wear bulky pressurized suits when away from the high pressure, methane based atmosphere of Skako.

Because of these suits they are often viewed as emotionless and machine like, however they are highly emotional, harboring extreme xenophobia for all non-Skakoans. As a society, they are very self centered and focus on self preservation above all else.

Skakoan star wars

They developed a deep logic which allows them to solve their society towards mathematical, scientific, and technological professions. They are deeply spiritual, developing a highly evolved religion led by the Elders of the Power Mound and is based on the Book of Boolmide and centers around an omniscient beast known as the Albino Cyclops. They have leading interests in the Techno Union which allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent systems during the CloneWars, causing Skako to be expelled from the Galactic Republic.

Wat Tambor. Emir Wat Tambor - As the title suggests, I spent pretty much the last month working on Wat Tambor, most famous for supplying the ever so iconic Battle Droid to the separatists as well as aiding in the coordination of the first battle of Skakoan star wars. This custom, whilst putting my patience to the ultimate test, proved to challenge my sculpting skills as well. On my thescoutwithanafro I will make a post showing off the whole de process.

Skakoan star wars

An old steampunk Star Wars piece that I decided to come back and cleanup a bit. Wat Tambor felt like a good choice as he's already basically a walking gliding? Droid army best army ammmoiiriight? About Us. Remove Content. Privacy Policy.

Skakoan star wars

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