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Forum Rules. We have detected that cookies are not enabled on your browser. Please enable cookies to ensure the proper experience. What's New? Advanced Search. Apr 15PM 1. Date Jun Posts If so, can a male Orc and a female Orc make an Orc child? Same question goes for Goblins. The lore isn't very clear as to how the Orcs came about exactly, but I am wondering if the Orcs have female counterparts, if they can spawn children, and also I'd like to know if they even age?

Skinny half orc

Also, do Half-Orcs repopulate? Where did the Half-Orcs come from? Did an Orc and a Human get it on? Please don't laugh, I'm legitimately curious. How is it then that there are whole tribes of Half-Orcs? How are the Globsnaga found in the depths of Moria related to Orcs? Are Globsnaga the ancient form of Orcs?

Not all who wander are lost. Reply With Quote. Apr 15PM 2. Date Jan Posts I am sorry but it hard not to laugh. Not at the question itself but at the idea. I quess if you looked outside the game at what other universes say about half-orcs you may get an idea of an answer. I can't imagine that the methods or reasoning behind such cross breeding would to different.

Skinny half orc

Sure the lore is different but all of these fantasy races have some commonality throughout the various fantasy settings that has to be maintained. I for one do not know the exact history of either race from Tolkiens fantasy setting but it should be easy to detemine. It's possible that female Orcs have the same appearance as male Orcs and thus few can tell them apart I suggest you start there.

Skinny half orc

Apr 15PM 3. Originally Posted by Kobalos. Apr 15PM 4.

Skinny half orc

That link has very good information about all four ages. Apr 15PM 5. Apr 15PM 6. Originally Posted by Vinteal. The Globsnaga I'm guess where the original dark ones that were sealed away with Morgoth. Apr 15PM 7. Date Apr Posts 6, I wish that web had info about the Orc children. It definitely says that they were bred, many of them by Saruman, yet some are survivors from the ancient past Uruk-Hai and are immortal too because they were once Elves.

The Globsnaga I'm guess where the original dark ones that were sealed away with Morgoth, but the Dwarves delved too deep and released the ancient evil orignal Orcs I'd still like to know about the Half-Orcs tho. That means that Skinny half orc in the Middle-Earth world, there could be Half-Orcs that side with the Free Peoples since they are part good.

And it raises even more questions for me: Are all Orcs evil? My guess is that they are bound to the will of the Ring, and when the Ring and Sauron were destroyed, it freed the Orcs to live out their lives peacefully. I'm not asking these questions, I'm just giving my hypothetical thoughts.

Apr 15PM 8. Thank you very much! That makes so much sense! But you are right, they are not as noticable to outside races. They probably appear similar in Skinny half orc to males Orcs. Apr 16AM 9. Date Jun Posts 1, Are there female Orcs? The lore isn't very clear as to how the Orcs came about exactly, but I am wondering if the Orcs have female counterparts, if they can spawn children.

In the sea without lees standeth the Bird of Hermes. When all his feathers be from him gone, He standeth still here as a stone. Here is now both white and red, And all so the stone to quicken the dead. The Bird of Hermes is my name, Eating my wings to make me tame.

Apr 16PM Date Jul Posts My assumption that is, I have not researched it has always been that such gender issues were just something that Tolkien intentionally avoided so as not to complicate the stories he wanted to tell. I know what you're probably thinking: "How could you possibly have studied any of JRRT's work and hang onto an idea that he would ever avoid something complicated?! Certainly there are a great many exceptions, but, before recent decades, the heroes of stories were almost exclusively male, as were the villain's henchmen.

It's the Skinny half orc folks expected stories to go. Heroines were often portrayed as uppity women who didn't know their place. In the end, they would still often be shown up by a male character who had to save them. These days, of course, that kind of thing drives most of us nuts. The gender paradigm has now shifted such that more of the literary audience can accept, and even demands, that the lack of an Y chromosome is not portrayed as a character flaw. The rigid gender roles of even 40 years ago just don't correlate so well with the mindset of the modern reader.

We are often more likely to be amused by them now than we are to identify with them. Take Eowyn, for example, in the book it was enough for her to know and for us to know that she had transcended her station when she succeeded in slaying the Fell Beast. Theoden would have lost face had he known that a woman had trespassed into what was to the Rohirrim the exclusive domain of men.

Which, I'm sure is why he had to die without knowing. Now, in no way do I mean to suggest that PJJ is at all the storyteller JRRT was, but when the Eowyn character appeared in the movie series, the modern audience needed her not to transcend her role as a mere princess, but to assert that her role as a princess is equal to that of a prince. Theoden may have been shaken by her presence, but was nonetheless proud of her for it.

Likewise, PJJ's decision to add a non-canon heroine to the Hobbit -- the lack of such might not have played so well with most contemporary viewers.

Skinny half orc

Oops, I digressed from orcs. Anyway, I believe Tolkien just hoped to keep telling the stories such that their gender would never be relevant or need to be questioned. I really hope I didn't just open up a big can of Bog-crawlers by talking out of my quiver there, but I suspect I did. Date Aug Posts Well, Azog had a son Bolgso orcs must have been actively reproducing. What I wonder is if orcs had relationships and love or just animal magnetism to reproduce. Originally Posted by MoxieMe.

Apr 18PM Date Apr Posts Apr 21PM Date Dec Posts 6, In the Silmarillion it is said that was beleived that some of the orcs were originally moriquendi dark elves or their descendants that where enslaved by Melkor so is save to speculate that being now distant relatives to the Skinny half orc they may still retain some common traits.

Telling appart male from female may not be evident for the ''uneducate eye'' but telling younger orcs from older may not be as challenging.

Skinny half orc

On a different line Sam overhear a conversation of 2 orcs. After all no one choose to be a slave. Date Mar Posts 1,

Skinny half orc

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Half-Elves and Half-Orcs built as Hybrid Races?