Skyrim anime armor

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Skyrim is such an awesome game by itself, and even better when you can customize the hell out Skyrim anime armor it with various mods. Wanted to share some worthy Anime mods that would be of interest, and within my tastes. All images taken from PC version of Skyrim and mods from Skyrimnexus. I did not make or own these mods, simply sharing them for your gaming pleasure.

I wanted to share these Anime mods to make it both easier for me to access them in the future and so others may enjoy these mods as well. However, I might…. Right-click on any small images and open them in new window to view them. The swords you can obtain are Caliburn left and Excalibur right behind Whiterun and Roriksted. Excalibur is given to you by the Lady of the Lake while Caliburn may be obtained by pulling it from a rock pile further away. The Skyrim anime armor Arthur references were there already, the modder simply felt the need to insert these swords into those two appropriate places.

Caliburn is a one-handed sword that you may sheath when not in use. Link — MySite. Link — MySite — Bakuya sheathed. Quite a simple little addition. No feather form, just this. Both blades do 22 damages, 44 damage both. Link — MySite — Miku! Link — MySite — Miku and her back-pack.

In Skyrim? Amusing in a very awkward way. The replacer replaces textures on basic Imperial armor and the wooden mask. The non-replacer uses such, but adds it without replacing things so all you need to do is command prompt it in. Miku can dual wield her leeks which do 64 damage each per hit. I could only summon her dress.

So why Miku? For fun really. The Japanese also use her because they know Miku over the characters Americans made. Also too shiny in the day. How to add? Link — MySite — Looking good smithing.

Skyrim anime armor

Link — MySite — Nice back detailing as well. They have fox ears, are tiny, and look fitting for the world of Skyrim. Her existence is actually suited for Skyrim life with the armor style and the character de. Nothing overly shines, everything is dark. Using the Nexus Mod manager you would insert it via file or url to simply activate the installer, from there customizing your Elin armor set accordingly.

You would choose armor color, hair color, eye color, and probably even the class…Unsure what the selectable was. I prefer this over the first Elin mod I had which added the same, but was less customizable. Unsure if this is a replacer Skyrim anime armor not, seems to not be. The quality of this one, as I said, is quite impressive. Make sure to look at the forum I linked above to see how to summon the items — noting the load order of course with the first digits in command console. Link — MySite — Focus is on the armor, not the face.

Link — MySite — Nice and shiny. Bakuya is sheathed nicely on the waist. Link — MySite — Also a covered version. Link — MySite — Rear view of covered portions. This armor a stand-alone version import using armor from Lineage 2. One of the torso pieces exposes skin while the other covers it up to suit your taste. Do you want exposed sexy skin or covered up and protected? Your choice. You can insert this via console command at your own discretion, or you could attempt to gain it naturally…if possible. You can also gain it from a shop in Whiterun.

Pretend you came from Asia checking out Skyrim. Link — MySite — Hmm? Unsure where this and the sword before it came from. Link — MySite — Air-concealed Excalibur. If you need more blades, especially Anime ones, then this add-on is for those seeking more. I would share all the images but there are just too many.

How to obtain? Just insert into your Mod manager and boot the game up and find steel, turning that into steel ingots and crafting them at a furnace. Ya, simple as that. Just get steel ingots and craft whatever you want. Good luck fitting it all in a display case. You may need to obtain a bigger home with numerous display cases. Since the Hana dress was MIA I chose this instead because of the beauty, elegance, and because it has been seen in numerous Anime shows countless times Xiao Mei wears something similar in Shining Hearts.

Tons of variety and even choices for legging — with or without stockings. What is awesome about this is mod is that there is a chest near the mill filled with various kinds of dresses to choose from. No console commands needed. You can loot from it and even store stuff within it, making that house in Whiterun all that more bearable when rolling new characters.

Nekomimi cat ears — as known by the Anime fans is both craftable at the Skyrim anime armor, spawnable via console command, and may be worn by female characters. This mod allows you to give your female character some fake cat ears and a tail to freely waltz around within your world. Looks quite nice and amusing when added into the Skyrim world. Even fits the world at times thanks to the Mithra stalking the lands. You get the option of wearing a light, normal, or heavy cat ears with different armor and weight setting.

The tail? Cat girls are nearly everywhere within the Anime realm.

Skyrim anime armor

Just as the name says, and with the amount of images I shared, I surely was tempted into trying this mod out. This outfit is the bikini kind — two variants and 7 versions from both — coming from the Korean Vindictus Online — Temptress dress. Just something to visually tease yourself with as you play the game, and to brighten it up. I find that it does fit into Skyrim, but just barely though. Quite visually pleasing. There is two sets — One that covers the torso and arms while the other is simply a bikini.

Skyrim anime armor

Both of them each have about 6 versions, each removing one piece per version. At last! Detail is quite nice actually, both visually and graphically. Sadly, the outfit is like the oriental outfit above with it only displaying default Skyrim icons.

Not a bother though so do be careful where you store it. Lore friendly? Not sure how much, but it does, especially with the Lady of the lake holding various swords. You may craft this at the smithing place of your chosing. Second variant of the Saber armor made by the same person — Hentai — made for actual combat. You can surprisingly feel the weight on this one, or was just me when testing this. Quite nicely detailed and it looks fitting for Skyrim.

The boots, bottom of the skirt to the top all looks nicely detailed — impressive. This one actually does have menu icons to help you find it so that is a relief. This armor set is also available at a smithing place, have fun! Enjoy role-playing as Saber! Stunningly detailed and highly impressive!

You can feel the weight, you can see the detailing, and it still feels like Saber when using it on another character. All that is missing now is a a district ruling feature where you can rule Skyrim anime armor throne and the commoners — Just like King Arthur him or herself. This mod is made by Nikitaa using the Anime Sekirei as its inspiration. It adds an onsen near the Thalmor embassy east of it with a Sekirei skinned chest filled with clothing from said Anime series.

Skyrim anime armor

The chest contains 7 clothing and one sword for training purposes. As for the home, looks like Skyrim anime armor players will need to attach a private room for themselves because of some content permission issues. I like this, but I wish you could enter the house. I can tell that Nikitaa cared. Does it fit Skyrim? No, but you can make it fit if you keep it to the onsen or stick near the forest area.

Maybe even add an oriental region somewhere with the creation kit. Saber has been added into Skyrim as your own Servant, companion, or follower depending on how you want to view or name it. You can find her in the Whiterun keep on the second floor sitting in her throne, as you should expect her to. They work, just as long as they fit normal and CBBE type bodies! Her voice has been nicely pitched to be low and soft.

Skyrim anime armor

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