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Katsuki keeps your hands above your head as he continues thrusting inside you, violating your walls as your moans proceed to fill the room. Katsuki nips at your neck, his thrusts growing more violently— skin slapping, his teeth clashing against your sensitive skin and finally, your velvety walls clenching sown on him. Your thighs shake and your toes curl as you ride out your orgasm, Katsuki having to keep his load inside to prevent himself from releasing inside you. When he feels your walls relax, he quickly pulls out and gives himself a few more pumps before cumming all over your stomach.

He heaves, taking a moment to catch his breath before looking up at you. You now look peaceful as ever sleeping. Iida is sitting on his reclined single Sleep cum tumblr, peacefully reading his book when you walk over to him with your lips pressed together. He looks up when he notices your presence, raising his brows questioningly before returning his attention to his book. It was one of the Harry Potter books. He had started re-reading them after he realised he had forgotten the plot just last week.

You take small steps towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He moves his book to his left hand, patting on his lap, inviting you to sit on it. A smile stretches across your face as you quickly make your way on his lap, your legs on either side of his own legs as you bury your face on the crook of his neck. His thumb rubs circles right outside your needy cunt, causing you to let out a breathy whine. His fingers ghost over your dampening panties, softly pressing against your clit before dragging down, following the line of your slit.

You steady your breaths as you feel him move his fingers in a circular motion, soft and steady, slowly pushing you to the edge. Your hand runs up and down his chest as you try to swallow the moans that were threatening to spill from your lips. Iida begins to stroke your clit, his middle and ring fingers pressing against the sensitive bud as they create languid circular motions. Your breathing growls uneven and you feel your legs part on their own, giving your husband more space to work with.

He pulls away all of a sudden, causing for a needy whine to spill from your lips. Good things come to those who wait. Your smile ripped from your lips and is replaced by your lips creating an O shape as Iida suddenly pushes two fingers inside you. Your hands squeeze his shoulders, swallowing down your whines and moans as you close your eyes, focusing on his fingers thrusting inside you. His thumb surprises you by pressing against your clit before recreating the same languid circles on the bud. This much stimulation has your head growing hazy as your toes curled.

When you cum, Iida pinches your clit, forcing another wave of orgasm to wash through you. Your hips jut out and your whole body shakes before growing limp on top of him. Put me to sleep before tonight and maybe you can brag to your friends about it. Tears stained the corners of your eyes, your stumach is covered with cum and Eijirou is still pounding into you like a dog in heat.

Wanna play those fucking games with me? Eijirou grunts at the feeling of your walls clench around him. He pulls out, flipping you over before pulling your ass up in the air and entering you once again. Loud and long moans leave your lips at how sensitive you feel from being fucked right after cumming.

Your hands gripped onto the beddings as your eyes tried looking up at the ceiling, thanking whoever god gave you this blessing. You hear him spit on your ass, slapping it right after. Just like that Eijirou! He laughs mockingly as your body shook with overstimulation. He moves to flip you over, about to go for another round but the sight of you passed out made him chuckle. He leans over, pressing a kiss on the tip of your nose before pushing himself off of you to grab a towel to clean you up.

He looks over at you with a raised brow only for his expression to fall at the sight of your legs propped up and opened wide for him. You bite on shirt and look at him innocently. Will you help me? He props himself in between you legs, pressing soft kisses onto your clothed cunt. He traces the line of your sex, watching as it dampens. The blond licks over your Sleep cum tumblr, sucking on them before carefully biting the cloth, pulling it to the side to expose your glistening cunt.

He bites on his lip as hstares at it for a moment before slowly lowering himself. He breathes in your scent deeply, closing his eyes to savor your taste as well as the moment. His tongue licks the entrance of your hole, wet, warm muscle gliding up and down before he softly sucks on Sleep cum tumblr pussy. With his thumbs, he spre your kitty open, licking his lips like some hungry animal before allowing his lips to press against the pink area of your sex. Your hands fly to his hair, your fingers threading into his blond locks, allowing you to tug on it at the feeling of him pushing his tongue inside you.

Your back arches and your eyes flutter shut as he continues eating you out, his nose rubbing against the sensitive bud that is your clit. You pant, feeling the room growing humid as your head falls back onto your pillow. Denki sucks religiously at the feeling of your Sleep cum tumblr clenching, some of his teeth grazing over your sensitive sex, helping you ride out your orgasm.

When Denki pulls away, your eyes have already fluttered shut and your chest rising and falling softly. He smiles, taking a few pieces of face tissues to help wipe off some of your release and his spit on the surrounding areas of your sex. Keep reading. Posts any requests or rants? Iida presses a kiss on the side of your head. He kisses your kitten one last time before turning off the lights as to not wake you up. BNHA boys find and reacting to your nudes summary: You ask your boyfriend to send a picture of the asment to Mina. See this in the app Show more.

Sleep cum tumblr

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