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Summer-break was only two days old and Sophie was already bored out of her mind. What was a twenty-year-old girl to do all day out in the suburbs, living with her parents? The problem was of course, that nobody near her own age lived close-by. She had no-one to hang out with except her own parents.

There was the couple across the street however. They had moved in last year while Spank wife stories was in college. They were the closest to her age by a far margin, somewhere in their late twenties. They were her only hope though, and alone in her room, Sophie stared out the window at the house across the street. When the door to the empty room opened and her neighbours entered, Sophie blushed. The man was wearing only his boxer-shorts and the girl was completely naked. Sophie turned away from the window, embarrassed for what she had seen. She could not help herself though and turned to watch again, shyly moving towards the window.

The couple was kissing. Her hands were grabbing his shoulders, her fingers digging deep into her skin. The man was very handsome, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled back. His boxers were tight across his hips and firm buttocks. For a moment, she imagined those hands on his shoulders to be hers. She had not seen much of his wife, but that short glimpse of her naked body told her Spank wife stories looked alike. That same slim built with firm breasts and wide hips; the same pale skin and long brown hair.

Nobody ever came outside at night in this boring neighborhood of course; but with their curtains open and lights on they were in plain sights for peeping toms like Sophie. When the man turned around to sit down on the edge of the bed, Sophie admired his broad chest before admiring his wife. Her pale skin looked soft and vulnerable in the light, looking in from the darkness. She knelt on the bed, but did not straddle her husband like Sophie had expected.

Sophie blushed when her neighbor spanked his wife. She watched in fascination how he raised his hand and smacked her upturned bottom; how his wife arched her back and rocked her hips, obviously enjoying the treatment.

As a college-girl, Sophie considered herself far from innocent; but she had not expected this boring, suburban couple to be so kinky. Sophie nearly pushed her face up against the window, trying to see what was happening. She wished she could hear them; she could imagine it lively: the sound of the spanking, the moaning and squealing of her neighbor.

Her poor bottom must hurt, but she did not show any s of struggle except for the occasional kicking of her legs or shaking of her head. Sophie blushed as she witnessed her neighbor giving her husband a blowjob. Was she thanking him for her spanking, or making Spank wife stories for whatever it was that had gotten her spanked? She wondered. The woman stood up at a command Sophie could not hear. She gasped when she noticed how wet she was. She blushed deeply, but could not help herself as she touched her hot pussy and swollen clit. After the long and sensuous spanking, the aftermath was quick.

Her neighbor rode her husband roughly until — Sophie imagined — they both came with loud and shuddering orgasms. Sophie herself, who had been watching this whole time, had not enjoyed the same physical sensations; but she came just as quickly as they did. Shuddering uncontrollably, she moaned softly as she leaned against the Spank wife stories, still spying on her neighbors.

But two days was not enough for Sophie to come to terms with what she had done. She had lain awake at night, wondering how she could have been so wrong about herself. Now she cursed herself, called herself a whore or worse. A whore just got paid for sex, Sophie did so much more. If she was being honest with herself however, what bothered her most was not being paid for sex.

It was the fact that she had enjoyed it; not just the sex, but the taboo feeling she got by being paid for it. She had two more contracts to fulfil and she did not feel guilty about that, she looked forward to them. But her self-scolding only turned her on even more. Who knows what this guy wants to do to you. And the contract is already ed, you have no way to stop him. What if the other contracts did contain some dark, perverted fantasies of these strange men? She could try to convince them to annul the contract. Like this, the whole day running up to the meeting, her emotions bounced back and forth between shame, excitement and fear.

The house she arrived at was quite ordinary, in the middle of a residential area. It made her feel more at ease, believing any man who lived here would be a normal, every-day person. When he opened the door for her, she was strengthened in that belief. The middle-aged man had short grey hair, wore faded jeans and a simple blue sweater. Sophie imagined he was a bit older than Eric had been.

This did not make her feel uncomfortable, in fact, she thought it would be weird if one of her customers would be closer to her own age. The man shook her hand and invited her in. It was quite messy and Sophie had to clear away a collection of old magazines before she could sit down in the sofa. The furniture looked old-fashioned, like something the man had inherited from his parents or grandparents.

There was an old scratching post in the corner of the room, but no cat around. A laptop stood half-opened on the coffee table; Sophie fought the urge to look at what the man had been doing before her arrival. He looked slightly nervous, just like Eric had been. These men were used to secrecy when dealing with her aunt.

Spank wife stories

She had again chosen to give the news in person. The man blushed.

Spank wife stories

You see, after my aunt passed away, I took over the company. It was with her company. Now that I have inherited the company, it is my duty to fulfil any contracts that are still open. It was a cold and dark night; clouds obscured the moon and stars, leaving the streets in total darkness. Emily was on her way home from visiting her friend.

Spank wife stories

She was late. It was a work night, which meant she would have to get up early the next day. The rules stated that she must be home before eleven on such a night. It was now ten forty-five. If she had taken her normal route home, she would not be able to make it in time. There was a different way however; a series of short-cuts through dark alley-ways through the backstreets of the neighbourhood. Unlike the brightly-lit city-streets of her normal route, there were no lights in these alleys. Emily walked in nearly complete darkness; unable to see the ground beneath her feet.

Instead, she was worried about who else could be out in the streets, hidden from her in the darkness. Some of these alleys had an unsavoury reputation.

Spank wife stories

Using this route was breaking another rule; her boyfriend Mike worried for her safety when she was out alone at Spank wife stories. This transgression she could conceal however, unlike being late. When she stopped, and listened to hear whether she could hear anyone behind her, there was only silence. She laughed at her own fear, thinking her imagination was running away with her.

In the next narrow alley, she stopped again, but this time the echoing footsteps did not halt as she did. Emily looked around but could not see anyone near. She continued walking, her own steps now echoing those of the stranger. Coming ever closer. But just then a man embraced her from behind, Emily screamed. Still Emily was too scared to scream. He dragged her to the side of the road. There was an opening there, a dark area too small to be an alley, just a narrow corridor between two buildings.

Emily started struggling then, but the man was too strong for her. Still, she Spank wife stories not scream. He pushed her against the wall face-first. His hand reached down as he pressed himself against her back. His warm breath was right by her ear as he pulled up her skirt. She kicked backwards and up, bending her leg at the knee for a quick upward thrust. The man screamed and let go instantly. Emily ran. She ran as fast as she could. Soon the man would be behind her she knew. She could already hear his footsteps. He was so fast, already closing in on her.

She knew, this time he would hurt her. Emily ran towards it, the footsteps behind her receded, the man had given up the chase now that potential witnesses were nearby. The tears running down her face and her ripped coat told an unmistakable story.

Spank wife stories

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