Straitjacket and diapers with captions

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By tigonJune 17, in Our Lifestyle Discussion. So about a year ago I bought a straight jacket. It is not the most impressive one but for my budget it works great, and is very secure. So the other day I diapered up with 2 attends i cut a few holes in the inside one so excess could leak into the outer diaperI also had on some white frilly socks.

Before starting I stuck a pacifier in my mouth. I next put on the straight jacket, taking extra care when buckling the back to tighten them all very tight. Following that I reached through my legs and buckled the crotch strap nice and tight.

My arms were still free at this point, in long sleeves sewn up on the ends. Then i wrapped one arm around me, and looped the end over a doornob. Then I wrapped the other strap around and buckled it to the one attached to the door. My arms were now wrapped around me loosely, so to fix that I tugged away from the door, pulling my arms snug against my body in a tight hug, and removed the loop from the doornob.

I felt wonderful! The thing about a straight jacket is it is extremely secure but also comfortable. After about 15 minutes of struggling on my bed I decided to get up to watch some television. I got out of bed and waddled to my living room I live alone.

Using my foot I turned on the tv and plopped my diapered self on the couch. I was watching cartoons, but I do not remember what show, when on the show it showed one of the kids in a diaper and bonnet i think it was Straitjacket and diapers with captions ploy to make money somehowthis made me very happy. After a little bit I could feel the need to pee growing fast, so I did the only rational thing, used my diapers.

Straitjacket and diapers with captions

The warm stream felt great, especially combined with being tied up. I watched tv for about another half hour before I escaped. I am flexible enough that I can bend an arm over my head enough to gain some freedom, then I just work on removing the other straps.

The first thing I did was quickly rinse off in the shower and replace with a clean fresh diaper. I put on my footed sleeper and curled back in front of the tv with a bottle of warm milk with some vanilla flavor. I know of a guy who is into the same thing straight jackets and diapers, I myself have been into self bondage for years, my favorite was suspendid bondage, I used to tie my hands and feet after standing on a stool with my suspension harness already hooked up, to a door frame and then step off and kick away the stool I used to wear a few sleepers and a homemade harness to hold my weight suspendid.

But I did come close to getting stuck many times, and hurt myself trying to get out, but it was great fun. Well, my Multimedia device has a Video Mode I found that if I set the camera somewhere and let it record, I can get a picture Basically take a movie, get in the right position, and put it on my computer.

From there, I can cut a single frame out of the video and save it as jpg. Also, I want a straight jacket now. Or some means of self-bondage. Just to be sure, I made sure to test the straight jacket many times before putting it on in its most effective manner. I did things like leave the neck loose with no crotch strap, test the arms by them self, etc What I am getting at is that I only and i mean only do self bondage if I am confident I will have a way out, if not multiple.

Since I do not consistently have somebody to do bondage with, this is my resort. I only trap myself knowing there is a chance of a call, its a risk, but one I knowingly take. Besides, why all the poo poo warnings I am plenty intelligent enough to think things throughjust enjoy the fun of my narative. I think I will try to get a video now, put a picture from it here. Straight jacket and Diaper. Hm, you're brave. I personally HATE the thought of straight jackets, though.

However, Straitjacket and diapers with captions more interested in your binky. Where did you get it? Very nice Tigon, I don't know about your camera but my vidio camera lets me take pics off the vidio, just by pushing the button when the scene comes up you want to show, it transfers them to the sd card as stills. I can appreciate the self bondage thing however I diapered myself then managed to get myself strapped in the straight jacket Well, about 9 or 10 hours later, still in diapers and a stuck in a more secure straight jacket then I expected, I layed on the bed exhausted in a very wet and now poop filled diapers.

Needless to say I got much much more than I bargained for. Unfortunately by this time I was more than ready to end my predicament before my loving wife got home. Who at the time Yep - my wife. She took several photographs of me then used my condition to blackmail me. To say she was pissed is an understatement. She stripped me of the dirty diapers, placed me in the shower cause she said she wasnt going to change poopy diapers I got out and then she placed me back in diapers. No this isnt a fantasy this is a true story. It actually happened and the embarrassment and humiliation she put me through and her finding out about my diapers in this way was terrible for me and our relationship.

I loved her very very much and to hurt her like I did was not what Straitjacket and diapers with captions intended. Before You strap yourself to the bed just to get your jollies you need to think of something. Do you want your loved one to find you in the predicament you put yourself in?

Straitjacket and diapers with captions

Live by yourself? How about police, medics, fire personnel and anybody else who comes in your door to find you? Meet me at the intersection of Fantasy and Reality! I was left like I was for what seemed like a long time, I finally fell asleep. I woke up to her bitching and moaning about what what I had done, wasting money on diapers.

Straitjacket and diapers with captions

She eventually took the straight jacket off of me and burned it and my diapers. A month ago she filed for divorce, she moved out 2 weeks ago. As for the pictures, I dont know where they are - I have a bad feeling they will surface during the divorce for her to use against me during our fight for custody of our 2 children. As for diapers Yes, as I Straitjacket and diapers with captions before, I took steps to make sure I had plenty of backup systems in case I got stuck.

I know my limits and if you want I can post the "escape", which took about 10 seconds. I am always smart about bondage I am, however, very sorry to hear about your aweful experience with a similar situation. I do hope things end up well for you Billardnut. Beallucanb, for some reason I could not get a still, but I didn't search too long for a way to do so. So far as what happened next diaperpt, I got myself out. But a friend of mine who does like to play bondage sometime, it turns out she likes to wear diapers, so I told her and I will get some good ondage baby pictures with her help.

In this case, Reality sucks! One of the simplest self bondage tricks, is the use of a combination lock, in a room that's too dark to see the combination to unlock it, your stuck until sunrise. It may make it less exciting, but as Billardnut explained, necessary. Another means of safe self-bondage play is to have a breakout exit. This way, if you choose the breakout exit, you will be destroying what you built, which is expensive. However, if absolutely necessary, it is better to break something than to die. It was made of wooden dowels and was very secure, but if something big happened like a fire I could just break a few dowels with my feet and be safe.

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Straitjacket and diapers with captions

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