Teacher from jimmy neutron

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Photos from the individual The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episodes are listed along with the The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.

Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. It premiered on Nickelodeon on Flippy Hugh wants to become a ventriloquist, so Jimmy decides to give him a hand. But his modifications may cause a big problem for his father The Egg-pire Strikes Back. Invention: Teleportation Pods. Win, Lose, and Kaboom!

Teacher from jimmy neutron

A strange meteor lands in Retroville, bearing a mysterious message in an alien language. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. Aliens abduct all adults; genius Jimmy and his friends build an interstellar spacefleet and rescue them. When Timmy Turner wishes he was in the greatest lab in the universe, he winds up in Jimmy Neutron's secret laboratory, and Teacher from jimmy neutron is teleported to Dimmsdale.

Jimmy happened to be giving Goddard an Jimmy Neutrons Nicktoons Blst. Pilot - Runaway Rocketboy! Jimmy, angry with his parents about grounding him for launching Carl off the roof, decides to run away. Judy wants to search for him, but Hugh says Jimmy'll be back in time for dinner. What neither. Operation: Jet Fusion. The machine works a little too well, and the boys end up as senior Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3 - Jerkinators.

In this special, Jimmy and Timmy become friends and they create a super villain with the help of Cosmo and Wanda! When things are outta control, the duo must forces to wack him off, can they do. League of Villains. Who Framed Jimmy Someone's stolen a lot of money Can Carl, Sheen, and Jimmy figure out who's framing the boy genius? When Pants Attack. Since Jimmy's a scientist, he has more important things to do than pick up his pants - like invent a device that'll do that chore for him.

But when the nanochip develops advanced brainial capacity. Normal Boy Jimmy is tired of being a genius, so he decides to drain his brain to normal capacity. But when a big meteor he straight for Retroville, who will save the day?

Teacher from jimmy neutron

Inventions: JuiceBot. Birth of a Salesman Miss Fowl's class has a candy-selling contest, with the grand prize being a trip to Retroland! To beat Cindy in the contest, Jimmy invents a robot programmed to sell candy no.

Teacher from jimmy neutron

Brobot Jimmy, fed up with being an only child, invents his very own little brother, Brobot. Although at first he is happy with theJimmy's actions soon backfire when Brobot steals the. But the future of western civilization is threatened when Edison falls in love with Miss Fowl and refuses to return. Jimmy, concerned by her ailing health, gives her his new youth tonic. However, the potion works too well. Time Is Money Through the wonder of time travel, Jimmy goes 15 years into the past to a time when his parents were swinging sweethearts.

Jimmy's investment tip changes the future so that the. I Dream of Jimmy Carl's sleeping problems are hindering Jimmy's scientific research, so Jimmy goes into Carl's dream to see what the problem is. Invention: Dream Injector Jimmy On Ice On an incredibly hot summer day, Jimmy tries to do Retroville a favor by blocking out the sun with quantumly enhanced sun block.

But, as usual, things don't quite turn out the way the. Crime Sheen Investigation. It's up to Jimmy, playing a high-tech Sherlock Holmes, to find it. Inventions: UltraShock Dance Teacher. Sorry, Wrong Era. This has the unforeseen consequence of turning her into a Teacher from jimmy neutron plant. Phantom Of Retroland At school, Nick tells a scary tale about the Phantom of Retroland, a monster who lives at the local amusement park. In the interest of science, Jimmy sets out to disprove this.

Sleepless in Retroville. Sleepless in Retroville Jimmy is hosting a sleepover with Carl and Sheen! To make it the best slumber party in history, Jimmy invents a machine to make perfect pillows for pillow fights, create. Instead of focusing on their music, however, they focus on becoming rock stars - threatening their performance and. Party at Neutron's. Party at Neutron's Sheen and Carl convince Jimmy to throw a party when his parents go out to watch Ducks.

But when Hugh and Judy come home early, how can Jimmy convince his guests to leave? Make Room for Daddy-O. The Father's Day talent show is only a few days away, and Jimmy has to perform with his Dad. Hugh can't wait for the big night. Jimmy, on the other hand, is afraid of being disgraced in front of the. A Beautiful Mine. Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, and Goddard blast off into space in Jimmy's newly invented spaceship to mine for aster-rubies while fighting off space bandits and their own greed. Inventions: the Broadcast Blues.

When the show fails Teacher from jimmy neutron, Cindy and Libby are brought in as producer and co-star, changing informative.

Teacher from jimmy neutron

But when the Sick Patch dissolves into the kids' skin, Jimmy has to go. Hugh takes Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl on a camping trip into the wilderness, allowing no technology whatsoever. So what will save them when a big problem comes along? Trading Faces While Jimmy is using his mind-reading device on Cindy, their personalities are accidentally switched. Jimmy in Cindy's body and Cindy in Jimmy's body take advantage of this Since Jimmy doesn't think Hugh has what it takes to beat Cindy and her mom, he.

Beach Party Mummy. Bored by a class documentary on mummies, Jimmy decides to take Carl, Sheen, Libby, and Cindy along with him to see the real deal. But when his Electro-Life gizmo accidentally brings the mummies to Retroville 9 Jimmy's determination to captain a winning baseball team le him to rev up the equipment with Neutronic technology. When the team unexpectedly reaches the World Championship, Jimmy.

Nightmare in Retroville. However, Jimmy's invention works too well, making those three real. Monster Hunt Jimmy, Sheen, Carl and Captain Betty set out on a mission to capture the lake monster that has haunted Lake Retroville for at least six months.

Inventions: Sonar Scanner, Demutation.

Teacher from jimmy neutron

Return of the Nanobots. Inventions: Sonar Scanner, Demutation Pellet. Holly Jolly Jimmy. Jimmy tries to update those mischievous Nanobots to correct his non-scientific homework, but the Nanobots become obsessed with pleasing ""The Great Creator"" and start correcting everything. Jimmy is convinced that Santa Claus does not exist. The boys find Santa's workshop, but Jimmy thinks it's. Sheen's Brain. Anyone exposed to it will fall in love with the first person he or she sees.

Jimmy thinks his potion is stored safely. However, his plan backfires when Sheen's I. MaternoTron Knows Best Jimmy creates a robot to replace Teacher from jimmy neutron vacationing mother, but when it becomes too controlling, will Judy come to the rescue in time? Inventions: Hydraulic Cuckoo Clock. Out, Darn Spotlight. Send In The Clones When Jimmy's chores get in the way of him enjoying rare ice crystals from outer space, he hurriedly creates clones of himself. These clones, however, represent different parts of The Junkman Cometh. Invention: Null Generator. The Feud Jimmy and Carl's d are fighting and forbid their sons from speaking to one another, so Jimmy and Carl must find a way to end the feud and save their friendship.

Men At Work. Jimmy, Sheen and Carl travel to the Moon to help Jimmy's robotic brother Brobot rescue his parents from The Junkman, an evil space scoundrel. Attack of the Twonkies. After a close call with a hostile alien life form on the comet Twonkus-3, Jimmy returns home only to find that a cute and cuddly alien has stowed away on his ship.

Despite Jimmy's warnings about the. The Mighty Wheezers When his parents go to the desert for a camp-out, Jimmy spends the weekend with the Wheezers. The aches, pains, and insane precautions the Wheezers take to protect their health.

Teacher from jimmy neutron

Billion Dollar Boy. He sets up a trap for Jimmy by inviting Jimmy, Sheen.

Teacher from jimmy neutron

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