Ts sue lighting

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Sue Lightning born on March 07, is an American transgender cosplayermodelYoutuber and gamer. She first started as an adult model and porn star in while also working as a webcam model.

Ts sue lighting

An avid gamer girl, professional model and multi-talented cosplayer, Sue enjoys attending Comic Cons and Renaissance Fair events. She's working as a Youtuber under the name Sphere Hunter or Suzi. A self-described hardcore nerd, action figure collector and cosplayer, Sue Lightning used to incorporate her gamer girl interests within her webcamming performances.

They would later work together in webcam shows while being in a relationship with each other. XXX in April [3]. She took a role in one adult film by Grooby, further boosting her reputation.

Ts sue lighting

She would later move to Las Vegas, Nevada to continue her porn career. However soon after her last scene on AugustSue officially retired from working in the adult entertainment industry dues to difficulties. Sue would later quits webcamming on as she wanted to focus on improving her lifestyle and work on mainstream medias. She later retired the Sue Lightning name inwishing to move on from the negative experiences she had as a sex worker, never liking it and only doing so due to peer pressure and current situations she was in at the time.

She would later remained single. Despise her leaving the adult entertainment industry, Sue would still see a growing fanbase as times go by, as well as those whom supporting her decision to work on other venture, even garnered a cult following. While working on the adult entertainment industry, Sue started worked as a Youtuber on Februarynow named Suzi The Sphere Hunter or simply The Sphere Hunterfocused primarily on video game, mainly well known genres like survival horror, hack and slash action, and RPGs.

After her retirement from the adult entertainment to focus on her mainstream and freelances work as well as her Youtube career, she has suddenly seen her channel audience grow for her gaming commentary and playthroughs, including for Resident Evil 2 and the Remakeof which attracted alot of interest from the video game community for Sue. She Ts sue lighting also regularly posted cosplay photos to her Instagram and has been streaming on Twitch.

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Ts sue lighting

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Ts sue lighting

March 7age 28 [1] Little Rock, Arkansas. BlowjobAnal.

Ts sue lighting Ts sue lighting

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