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She felt her boobs push out against the J cup bra, but paid no mind. She was still recording the Twistagram video after all. She had to keep her composure. Tessa let out a hiccup, and felt herself rise up a bit in her chair. She set the bottle down with her right hand and gripped the table with her left. She hiccuped again and heard a clasp on her bra pop. She was thinking that she might have bit off more than she could chew, and reached for her phone to stop the recording. Her long arm reached for her phone, but on the way she grew again and her hand knocked the phone off the stand.

As soon as she did so, she shot up another six inches, exploding out of her top and dropping her phone. Her poor orange shirt fluttered to the ground followed by a bra she was now several cup sizes to big for. What was left of her grey sweats looked more like yoga shorts stretched tight over her thick ass and long legs. The amazon stood there for a few seconds, anticipating another growth spurt, but none came. The feeling of bursting out of her top was more of a thrill than anything her husband had ever given her, though.

She looked at the half filled bottle of JumboGro and wondered if growing out of her pants would be even better. Hell, maybe growing out of her house would make her orgasm. She was already so close, the tingling in her loins was fading but picked up at the thought of getting even bigger. Krista was excited to start college. She was moving in to her door room the very next day. But when it came time to start school, she finally agreed that it would be better if she could actually fit inside the building that she was supposed to live in.

So, she shrank down to 7 feet tall, ecstatic to keep all the extra curves, even if they did make doorways a tight fit. She partied it up in her hometown, the center of attention as usual, and then headed to campus the next morning, ready to meet her roommate and spend the next few years as Queen of the Campus. Tabby shot upright after waking up. She had her doubts about that sketchy homeless wizard at the mall, but she asked for bigger boobs and he delivered! She Tumblr big boobs bra her arms over her head, then brought them down to the hem of her ly oversized pink tank top.

It was stretched to near transparency with the volume of her new tits. Tabby stretched her top Tumblr big boobs bra, revealing some delicious cleavage. She reveled in the feeling of the fabric sliding down over her chest, especially her nipples. It felt so good. But if she felt this good with these tits, how much better would they feel if her tits were even bigger?

The thought swirled around her mind for a couple seconds. Then other thoughts started ing that first one. Tabby was all riled up with the though of bigger boobs. Her crotch grew wer with the though of an even bigger bust. Her G cups sized up several cupsizes at once, enough to pop out of her pink tank top with a loud tear. She opened her eyes and looked down to see her two hands holding two basketball sized breasts.

Tabby was speechless. She just willed herself even bigger, could she do it again? What were basketballs grew to yoga balls. Her tits were heavy in her hands, and it was hard to lift them. Tabby shrugged off what was left of the pink top she went to sleep in and tried to get out of bed so she could admire her new figure in the mirror. Well, she tried. In a kneeling position, they took up her entire lap. There was no way the five foot six girl could lift those behemoths. Sure enough, her entire body responded by getting bigger. Tabby went from five foot whatever to well over six foot, ripping out of what was left of the clothes she went to bed in.

She tried to stand up again with her new found strength. She made it farther than her last attempt, but she fell back to her sitting position after a couple seconds of struggling. The pleasure overwhelmed Tabby as she grew with more force than the last two times. What as a six foot tall girl with yoga ball sized boobs became a seven foot tall girl, then an eight foot tall girl.

The bed frame below her snapped under her increasing weight and Tabby fell backwards, her giant tits Tumblr big boobs bra her face before they recoiled back forward, covering her entire body from neck to crotch. Her feet were hanging off the mattress halfway up to her shins. Despite her longer arms, her chest was so voluminous her nipples were out of reach.

Thankfully, with her increased muscle mass, she could heft a tit up just enough to finger herself. Tabby had fingered herself may times before, but it felt so, so much better this time. Once she made contact with her clit, her legs shot off the end of the bed and smacked into the dresser, crushing it. Her head rose up the far wall as her tits expanded towards the ceiling, taking out the ceiling fan on their way. Tabby kept fingerfucking herself, walls crumbling around her as she brought herself to multiple orgasms, one after another.

Somewhere after the third or forth nut, she had enough strength to lean forward. At this point her ass was big enough to crush her tiny college house and the front and back yard, with her legs stretching off across the road into the neighboring houses. Her tits were big enough to take up her entire lap up to her toes, crushing what was left of the houses across the street and the alley behind them.

Tabby came to at this point, taking in what had just happened. Looking around, she could see the entire college town she lived in, but looking down. She tried to stand up, and she actually managed it this time, using her arms to heft her tits up. She managed to rise up to her full foot tall height for mere moments before her apartment block sized tits pulled her forward and smothered several blocks under a tidal wave of tit flesh. But she could always get bigger. Posts Likes Following Archive. She thought that she might have ended the live broadcast too soon.

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Tumblr big boobs bra

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