Tumblr big bust

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Maddie was well endowed. She loved making him happy. She knew that would make him crack. At first, Maddie was upset. Her mouth hung open, but before she could say anything, she had a sudden change of heart. The two went back to the initial shopping trip at the mall. The next morning, Maddie woke up and felt a bit off.

She was used to her big boobs weighing down on her, but this morning it felt a little bit different. The girl rose up out of bed feeling her breasts sway back and forth just a wee bit more than she was used to. Maddie pulled her favorite work bra on and her tits were just a bit too big, bulging up over the cups just slightly so.

In fact, she was horny instead, so she fucked Brad before she left for work. The entire day at work, Maddie was fiddling with her bra. She was used to this, growing up and constantly dealing with undersized underwear, but this felt different. When she got home after her nine to five, she noticed her tits were making her bra more uncomfortable than when she left that morning. Unclasping that bra at the end of the day had her sigh in relief. She made a note to buy some new underwear, then fucked Brad silly after dinner.

Maddie woke up the next morning with bigger tits than she went to bed with. Enough to be noticeable, even without clothes on. It was a little hard to get out of bed with volleyballs on your chest, but she managed. She pulled on her stretchiest sports bra, and miraculously, it fit. She got a look at herself in the mirror, and noticed her ass was a bit more plump too. She chalked it up to her recent poor eating habits, then got dressed went off to work.

She added to her note to get more work clothes as she headed out the door. On the way home, she stopped at the tailor. They also sized Maddie in the next waist size up from what she used to be. Not that she was worried, Brad was a trust fund baby and she charged two or three work outfits on his credit card. She made it up to him later that night by fucking him silly and borderline smothering him between her tits. Maddie woke up a little more annoyed the next morning than the one. She was upset with her Tumblr big bust, but in the mirror she gave her Tumblr big bust a good fondle and decided that bigger tits were better.

Her ass was a bit bigger than yesterday, she was just a bit taller, and her heels pulled the whole outfit together. She felt powerful. She fucked the shit out of Brad too, just for good measure. The third day after that mall trip, but Maddie was coming around to her developments. She strutted around the office like she owned the place, knowing all the people around her were staring.

Tumblr big bust

She even caught her boss looking at her tits, and she liked it. Maddie she stood just as tall as Brad after she took off her heels. She wanted his dick way too Tumblr big bust to think about anything else. Brad made that wish on a Sunday, and now it was Thursday.

Maddie woke up feeling refreshed after a long night of sex, and took a look at herself in the mirror. After three straight nights of bigger boobs, she was coming around to the fact of waking up bustier than she went to bed. They were two perky globes, but even so they were getting big enough to cover more and more of her abs. A bit of regret crossed her mind as she hefted her boobs. She knew none of her new clothes would completely cover her chest, let alone her ass and longer legs.

She was right. Maddie was a bit intimidating in the office.

Tumblr big bust

She shared a cubicle with three other guys and any time they wanted to get her attention they would stammer a bit before finishing their sentence. She thought it was cute. A good third of her view was occupied by her cleavage as she looked down at her five foot something co-worker. Greg looked up at the towering woman, who was a good foot shorter than him the last time he had talked to her. She went back to sit down, not bothering to check his reaction. He set the papers down on the table and left without saying anything else.

Maddie was staring at her computer monitor, but she heard him leave in a hurry. She knew he was intimidated, and she really, really, liked that feeling. She had to adjust the seat in her car when she left work that day, and thankfully she drove an automatic so she was able to rub her crotch through her leggings on the way home. Maddie was dripping wet when she got home to Brad watching TV. Maddie woke up the next day with even bigger tits.

At this point, she loved getting bigger every morning. Instead, she had sex with Brad. An hour of sex later, she even got him to cook breakfast for her. She ate ten pancakes and a whole pack of bacon. On the way back to the bedroom, she had Tumblr big bust duck a couple inches more than before.

To thank Brad for his efforts, she sat on his face. Maddie spent that whole Friday having sex, eating food, having her tits sucked and growing.

Tumblr big bust

She was an easy 7 foot tall when she woke up, but after a couple of hours of morning sex, she was getting close to eight feet tall. At some point, she went to the kitchen for some food, and on the way out the door not only did she have to duck through the door, but she also had to squeeze her tits out of the Tumblr big bust, one at a time. Her hips got stuck too, but she pushed and pulled until she made it through, a decent chunk of the door frame splintering around her.

Brad had passed out after his third or fourth orgasm, and by the time he woke up, he heard banging and thrashing in the kitchen. Following the noise, he came around the corner to see Maddie, having devoured the entire contents of the fridge and even taller than she was even an hour ago.

She uncurled her legs from under her, both heels hitting the ground with a light thump on each side of her boyfriend.

Tumblr big bust

All brad could see was her face, two gigantic tits, and her sopping wet pussy between her thick thighs. Carrie smiled at the camera, twisting so that it could get as much of her gigantic ass as it could. Check the description for links to buy both! She cheated a little with a growth serum of her own making. So she did her best to make sure she was never standing next to someone in her pictures.

As she walked through one of the doors in her house, she glanced down to see how well she fit, and a familiar feeling rose up in her. She wanted to get bigger. Carrie licked her lips as she scrolled through her sponsorship offers, trying to find something that could explain away her ass getting even bigger. Tumblr big bust she saw it, a weight redistribution cream wanted to sponsor her. Her smile grew as she went into the kitchen and accepted the offer. She opened up the fridge and pulled out a small bottle, opening it up and downing it in one gulp. Her custom-fit leggings began to tear, and Carrie turned her head to watch as her ass swelled another couple of inches, the side seams of the leggings popping open to let her thighs try to squeeze through.

Then the seams along her ass popped shortly afterwards, and she let out a slight moan of pleasure at the new freedom, heading into the bathroom and laughing as the door frame caught on her hips for a moment. When the weight redistribution cream arrived, Carrie figured she might as well try it out, smearing it over her ass.

Tumblr big bust

She let out a cry of protest as she discovered it worked, but not the way she expected.

Tumblr big bust

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