Tumblr chastity training

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He will not address me as anything other than Miss Sarah or Mistress. He is allowed to call me darling when it is not possible to use my correct titles. He will not fail to listen, turn away or interrupt me when I am speaking to him. He will not try to change or amend plans that I have made. He will be proactive in carrying out his core chores around the house, cooking, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, washing dishes, washing clothes and ironing, taking out the trash.

These are his domestic duties and he will do them to a high standard and without needing to be reminded. He will make sure he does his chores before he has personal time. He will wear his cuff at all times unless given permission to remove and will not release himself. When told that he is going to be taking my strap-on he will ensure that he is absolutely clean. I will give him ample warning. He is to always swallow his cum, unless I give him permission otherwise.

His performance in following these rules will be reviewed regularly. General performance below an expected standard or specific incidents of rudeness or disobedience will result in punishment. I will determine the punishment, be that the cane, the strap, extension to time in chastity, or any other punishment of my choosing.

They should be large enough to really fill the mouth and should be tight enough so that nothing your tongue or jaw can do will shift it out of position. A head harness gag is superior to just a single strap as it will hold the gag in position much more securely. You know when you have a good fit by the unintelligible sounds and the amount of drool produced by the wearer.

I think of ball gags as a great appetizer, a way to spend the first few hours of a scene to set the mood and define the hepace before moving on to something even more secure and intense. When the ball gag is finally removed, his aching jaw will gladly welcome the rubber pecker gag fixed inside a tight padded leather hood.

While just as effective at preventing conversation, at least it provides something comfortable to suck on. I wrote My Love a two letter explaining what FLR means to me, and asked her if we can move in that direction. I broke it down into four key things.

Orgasm Tumblr chastity training 2. She has the final say. Domestic Discipline 4. I went into great detail about those four topics, and she responded very positive. I just wanted to write in down, give it to her and let her know my feelings. We are a couple, and we will discuss any serious decisions, and my opinion means a lot to her, but ultimately, it is her decision.

Another thing I compiled and gave to her was a chore plan. I will save that for another post. I think we are going to be extremely satisfied with this lifestyle. If I had known how astoundingly easy it would be to control hubby and make him crave opportunities to make me happy, I would have taken control of his orgasms years ago…. It is amazing. It is important to note that he hates washing the dishes. Even more than he hates doing laundry, and almost as much as he hates cleaning the toilets…. I realised a couple of things early on. One is that it is not a rational thing.

Instead his brain chemistry is swirling with so much need to please, that it feels good to obey and the idea of not obeying does not even enter his mind. The second thing I Tumblr chastity training was that the orgasm control is self reinforcing. The obedient attitude that comes from not allowing him to cum even makes it hard for him to disobey the command not to cum. You might think that the longer I go without letting him cum the more the pressure builds up and the more rebellious he becomes, but it is not so.

The longer we go the more the Tumblr chastity training builds up, but it is pressure directed toward devotion to me, so the longer he goes without cumming the more impossible it becomes for him to cum without my permission. Because it would displease me, and because in that state obeying me feels so natural to him. Some might ask if I ever let hubby cum at all or do I keep him frustrated forever.

The answer is that I do let him cum. The time between his orgasms is usually between one week and one month. I know that many dommes feel that it should go for months and months, but I really find him to become maximally compliant after about two weeks, and any longer does not seem to enhance his subservient feelings. Yes I have him in a perpetual state of being pretty much unable to disobey me, but I do not know if we would be so very eager a boy if he did not know that he would get his reward at some time.

To push him past a limit. For example for a long time hubby could not get himself to wear the little sub-symbol pendant I got for him out of the house. So I made it a condition of his next orgasm, and teased him to the point of insanity and did not let him cum until he promised.

The promises I get from him this way seem to burn themselves into his brain. It is awesome. I think I get more enjoyment from the power to fuck him up with arousal until he seems like he might die, but the power trip of making him scream and thrash uncontrollably is pretty good too. I married the man for a reason, you know. He is a beautiful man and a very good boy and he deserves happiness of every kind I can give him….

So your husband says he wants to be submissive to you. This should all be done in loving, mutual fun way with the realization that arrest or public embarrassment can affect careers and relationships. So have fun, be careful and giggle and kiss a lot. He should be shaved. This is none negotiable and should be understood from the beginning. Right after he shaves for the first time, have him sit on the edge of the bed, lie back and pull up his knees. You will need a rubber glove and some lubricant, Vaseline, butter, olive oil, whatever.

He is going to be extremely embarrassed to present himself to you in this fashion, his anus is a very private spot, not seen or touched by anyone. Once he is in position and holding his cheeks apart, lubricate your middle finger and his asshole and slowly press your finger to his opening.

Slowly start to enter him. Look into his eyes as you penetrate him. Talk to him and have him talk to you as you both experience his submissiveness to you and this act of penetration. Pull on his cock and balls as you slide in. Go in as far as you can, slowly. Look into his eyes when you are in all the way and tell him you are in all the way. Ask him how he likes it. This may be the first time you are inside his body, enjoy the power exchange. He needs a good cock teasing at least once a day. But he needs to be hard and brought to the edge of an orgasm at least one time a day, either by you, or for you.

Yes, Tumblr chastity training means masturbating for you, on demand. Two things here. One, he must learn to tell you he is about ready to orgasm and ask you to stop and he must learn to masturbate for you, and stop. Tumblr chastity training control is a powerful psychological aspect for a submissive man, and you too will learn to enjoy your teasing and control. It is another important power exchange with you controlling the single physical aspect of maleness that is maleness alone, a hard cock and orgasm at will.

This also means that unsupervised masturbation must end, and he will only orgasm with your permission. Orgasm denial is part of cock teasing, but remember, orgasm denial without teasing is just ignoring him.

Touching, nudity and teasing must go along with denial. Denial is your ultimate control, his ultimate surrender. Nudity, him naked, you dressed. This should be done at awkward times, odd times, whenever you like, when he least expects it. Make him strip even if you are not going to tease him. In fact, anytime he is in your bedroom he should be naked. At some point, make sure you bring him to every room in the house naked. Lead him to each room naked, by his cock, the basement, laundry room and garage, all will now hold memories of your control.

Nudity outside is more problematic, but should be attempted. Start with Tumblr chastity training of your home late at night. Be careful to pick a night when you know your neighbors are away. Again, at night put him in the passenger seat of your car and tell him to strip. Put the seat all the way back. If you like, a highway may give a glimpse of his nudity to a trucker. Reach over with one hand and keep him hard reminding him not to cum.

A nude beach could also be fun. He will be naked of course and you should be in your swim suit to emphasize his submissiveness. How embarrassing would a hard on make this? Well you can sit on the beach and enjoy the sun, but not until everyone has seen him naked. Embarrassment is also part of the fun obviously. Be careful not to embarrass him or yourself in front of friends or co-workers.

This must be done carefully and Tumblr chastity training the fun aspect of your dominance. Ordering wine and his dinner at a restaurant is a simple start, and one he will enjoy. He is in gym shorts and a tee shirt and that is it.

You can grab him and tickle him in front of your friend, accidentally pulling down his shorts exposing him, then after all the hooting and hollering, pull then all the way down and step on them. He will have to step out and run. Remember, he knows this is coming so he may be hard, and of course he is shaved.

You can have a quick laugh with your friend and tell her you better see if he is OK. Proving his submissiveness can be tested with the above situation, but should also include most if not all of the list to follow. You should orgasm much more than he does. That goes without question, his submissiveness definitely translates into you cumming more.

You need to teach him how to orally please you better, and as often as you like. Back rubs, foot rubs, leg rubs, body massages, anything you think you might like you should try, and then do as much as you like. He loves every minutes of doing anything for you, especially if he is physically close to you.

Help with house work, yard work and generally being a better partner is assumed. He can also learn to cook with your teaching. Delegate, delegate, delegate. You need to talk to him and ask him what turns him on or off. Ask him what he expects and wants.

Tumblr chastity training

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