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Bruce Springsteen was my high school boyfriend. To be clear, we never made out, not even in the imaginary sort of way. Probably because we never actually met. Born in the U. Foresight, maybe? This might be as good as it got for them. Glory Daysfolks. They were about to peak at 18 and spend the rest of their lives looking back while I was Molly Ringwald—minus the envy-worthy hair and clear skin—hanging with Ducky until Jake Ryan pulled up in his red Porsche.

Go with it. Now you assume my story is about to take a Footloose sort of twist. My dad liked my boyfriend. Cut to college. James Taylor lulled me to sleep with Copperline. JT sang away all—or at least much—of it, his voice a honey-lemon balm on my huge but tiny world. When I was strung out with worry, he brought me calm. When I had no more answers, he pitched me a few. What else could I want in a boyfriend? And Paul, dear Mr. Giamatti, daring to show the world that quirky can, in fact, be brilliance in its purest form.

Happily, in fact, to a man who expresses no jealousy toward my multiverse of boyfriends. I agreed Tumblr minnesota girls marry him secure in the knowledge that yes, Will, he too made me laugh. All those years with my big-name boyfriends were more than sentimental. They were instructional.

They taught me to spend my time with people who make me happy, who are kind, and who introduce calm rather than calamity. I could have ended up with one of those people we all know—the ones who spend their energies tempting the tempests of life, who churn from one drama to the next like an addict chasing a Tumblr minnesota girls. I have friends who married those people. Bruce and JT and Will, though, they showed me that life is no better than its moments. The better the moments, the better the years. Thank god I listened. Even today the sound of his voice makes me feel as if I can throw on a pair of cut-offs and a bikini top and drive around the neighborhood with all the windows down.

You, of course, are welcome to kick in a few backstage passes. I promise not to try anything funny. You taught me better than that. Dixon, President and Managing Editor. I was built to persevere. Bruce Springsteen was my high school boyfriend Bruce Springsteen was my high school boyfriend.

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Tumblr minnesota girls

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