Tumblr stuffed cunts

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Tumblr allows every content creator, artist, or small entrepreneur to build an audience and communicate with this audience at any moment in time - if you do not work in the adult industry of course. Many brands use social media to sell products. Social media and eCommerce are interlocked.

You take this now away from every adult content creator around the globe. And that is wrong. We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.

You are wrong: There is a shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content, in particular when it comes to shadowbanning and the ability to also advertise on these sites. Sharesome is a site that welcomes all the people that you just kicked off your platform. You gave them time until December 17th to export a backup of their blog to save their years of work.

Meanwhile we will develop an import tool, so they can move to us, and we leave you with all the white supremacist Nazi blogs — because we ban that kind of shit. This is essentially a shadow-ban on the entire NSFW blogging community. If you run a NSFW blog, you will soon notice that your audience Tumblr stuffed cunts dropped substantially. Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal. Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed otherwise you would not be here. It is therefore with great sadness that I announce that you are living the last moments of tumbex, it was a great adventure, and a big thank you to all those who have followed me during all this time!

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Close Reload. Today is a sad day. As many have noted, there are big problems with displaying images on the site. The source of this Tumblr stuffed cunts is tumblr. But don't worry, I'll be back soon with something even better.

Tumblr stuffed cunts

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