Tumblr wife texts

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Back in the summer the hubby and I went to a wedding. It was out of town so we booked at room at the hotel where the reception was. We arrived the night before the wedding and checked in to our room. It was quite nice with a king bed and a sitting area. The bathroom was a good size with a big shower with lots of room for the two of us. We opened a bottle of wine we brought with us and relaxed, had some good hotel sex then watched a movie and called it a night.

The next day we got ready for the wedding. Hubby looked great in his suit and I was feeling pretty hot in my dress and heels, the wedding was beautiful and the dinner was fantastic. Of course I said that was not a problem as I had lots of friends at Tumblr wife texts reception so I would be just fine.

Tumblr wife texts

He headed off to the room and I stayed to drink and dance. After a couple of hours of dancing and more then a few glasses of wine along with a couple of shots I started grinding with an ex bf of mine who was at the wedding and things were getting pretty flirty. I asked him Tumblr wife texts he had a room at the hotel and he said he did not. I asked him where he was staying and he said he had planned to crash with other friends who had a room. I suggested we go see if there were any rooms available. We left the party and headed to the front desk.

The hotel was mostly booked but they did have a few rooms still available. The lady at the front desk made a reservation for us and handed us a couple of keys. We took the elevator up to the 5th floor and as we approached the room I realized it was the room right next to the one my hubby and I were staying in. I could feel my panties get even wetter. He put the key card in and the door and in we went. Before the door was all the way closed we were making out. He pushed me against the wall and I could feel his hands all over me as we made out.

I undid his pants and started stroking his cock. We made our way to the bed where I told him I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me. We removed our clothes and he climbed on top of me. As he pushed his cock into my wet married pussy I moaned and begged him to fuck me hard. He pounded me for awhile making me cum before flipping me over and fucking me doggy style till I came a second time.

His hands gripped my hips as he slammed into my cheating cunt over and over. We fucked for over and hour and the whole time he pulled my hair and pounded me while I moaned and creamed all over his cock until he finally filled my married pussy with his warm messy load. After a brief recovery I put my dress back on and said goodbye. Going next door to my room I expect to find hubby fast asleep but was surprised to see him awake in bed watching a movie. I asked him what he was doing still up and if his headache was any better.

He said he couldnt sleep and that he had just been watching movies and listening to the couple in the Tumblr wife texts room fuck. I giggled and crawled onto the bed and gave him a big kiss and asked him if it had turned him on hearing them fuck. He said they definitely sounded like they were having a good time. I put my hand on his crotch and could feel him start to stiffen.

I took his cock out and started to stroke him. Tumblr wife texts asked him if he had jerked off listening to the couple fuck to which he nodded his head. I leaned over taking my husbands cock into my mouth. I love my husbands cock and made sure to give him some amazing head before pulling up my dress enough to straddle him, sinking my used pussy down onto his wonderfully hard cock. It felt so good to have my husbands cock in me so soon after cheating on him with my ex and the fact he had heard me made me incredibly wet.

I asked him if he thought the couple he heard were from the wedding. He said that was a good possibility as he pulled my dress down over my shoulders freeing my tits. At first it seems to be innocent enough but soon he starts to flirt with her and make her laugh.

They dance some more and each dance they get closer and closer. His hands now on her hips he pulls her in close and she feels the effect their dancing has had on him as he pushes into her. He takes her hand and le her away. They get to the elevator still holding hands. They get in he pulls her to him and they kiss.

Tumblr wife texts

They make out till it stops and he le her down the hall to his room. Once in the room he pushes her down on the Tumblr wife texts hikes up her dress pulls her panties off and eats her bald smooth pussy till she cums. She sucks his cock getting him nice and hard then he bends her over and takes her from behind.

Fucking her hard and calling her a whore for taking his cock bare after just meeting a few hours earlier. My husband seemed to like the scene I was describing as he was roughly grabbing my tits and moaning pretty good as I slam my cheating cunt down on his cock. Or… I say, maybe the couple was attending the conference we saw that was also at the hotel… I started to describe another scene as we continued to fuck. Coworkers at the conference at the hotel for a few days who have had some sexual tension for quite some time.

Tumblr wife texts

After a few drinks at the bar he invites her to go up to his room for one more. She hesitates as she knows what it could lead to but nevertheless agrees. They get in the elevator and head upstairs. As they walk down the hall towards his room she pulls her phone out. Normally she texts her husband before bed. She sends him a quick text. Love you.

Tumblr wife texts

Soon they are making out and before long she drops to her knees and takes out his cock and takes him into her mouth. She thinks briefly about her hubby at home how he would never suspect her to betray him like this. Stretching her open. Taking what until then had been reserved for the man she married. I ask hubby if he liked listening to the naughty wife fuck in the room next door.

As I continue to ride his big hard cock. He says he did that it turned him on hearing the slut cheat Tumblr wife texts her husband. He smacked my ass hard and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling me towards him as he thrust hard into my cheating cunt. I tell him how the naughty wife was fucked just like that while her husband was non the wiser. How all she could think about was getting pounded by a hard thick cock and how in the moment she loved being a bad wife. He smacked my ass hard telling me how sexy I am and how he loves when I talk dirty.

I tell him to fuck me like that cheating whore got fucked next door. He grabs my hair and tells me to take his cock as he pounds into me. He keeps fucking me hard while I moan into the pillow. He pounds me a few more minutes then pulls out and moves up so he can cum all over my face. I feel his hot load cover my face and hair and pillow and I love it. After Tumblr wife texts finishes he feeds me his cock to get the last few drops. I eagerly take him into my mouth. After I lay there exhausted covered in cum and beyond happy.

I really am a lucky slut getting fucked good by both my ex and my hubby in the same night. Posts Archive. Weekend wedding Back in the summer the hubby and I went to a wedding. Weekend wedding pt 2 After a brief recovery I put my dress back on and said goodbye.

Tumblr wife texts

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