Urethra insertion stories

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Well, let me explain. Although first of all, I would like to let you know that I want this article to be positively working towards reducing the stigma that is focused around young people, young women, and the unexpected of using a catheter. Back up a few years and I had moved away from home. I never really had any bad health problems until I left home, unfortunately, it all went downhill from there.

I started to come down with a bladder infection and saw Urethra insertion stories GP, which resulted in me being given antibiotics for a UTI. The pills, unfortunately, and quite obviously being that I have called them pills, were in a pill form. So planning on reordering the liquid antibiotics I carried on with life. Until my fever kicked in later that night. My temperature spiked and I called the hospital because I knew deep down, my gut feeling was right. There was something wrong with me. I knew where I was but nothing made sense. It was horrible.

A nice but seemingly emotionally distant nurse came round to do my ECG. And then …. The shivers from my fever making me believe I was so freezing cold I thought I would surely die. A vague memory of my heart rate and temp being deemed too dangerous to send me home as I listened to two nurses chat outside my cubicle curtain.

In fact, I find it quite freeing to have a catheter and have gotten used to being the girl with the catheter.

Urethra insertion stories

It is only ourselves and our reflections who judge us so deeply as we feel they do; please do remember that possibly semi-important info. But the point here is, and sorry for rambling. You have ONE body, and although we have treatments, we have new organs being developed and Kidney transplants, they all have ONE thing in common. Call a Doctor. If you think your pee habits have changed, maybe your passing urine more than you were, or less than you were.

Things you might think are embarrassing to mention.

Urethra insertion stories

Are you finding you have trouble peeing? Having to strain to pee, not peeing more than a few times over the course of the day when you were peeing more than that before? A bladder full of urine can cause a backlog of pressure and urine on the kidneys if it is held for a long time, so see a Doctor. Chances are you will always be alright, you will always be okay.

Urethra insertion stories

Treatment is hard and fast for bladders. A catheter in the bladder. Now that varies from time to time and patient to patient of course. But what I am saying is that we have heard it all before. Us, the community of catheter users, the incontinence of the bladder. There is a wide range of catheters out for you to choose from and healthcare professionals with bladder and bowel service in mind, in my experience and opinion, seem Urethra insertion stories to finding the RIGHT catheters for YOU.

There are so many discrete female catheters I was amazed, from different length catheters to different circumference catheters, easy hold and hygienic catheters, speedicaths with built-in pee bags, easy attachable one time bags with a one-time use valve for disposing of the urine. Now when I had my first urinary catheter fitted, I was taught to do the intermittent self-catheterisation myself, and although I found the idea of a woman looking at me incredibly shaming and embarrassing and dreaded the thought of the day I was taught to perform ISC on myself, it was fine.

Urethra insertion stories

After suffering a couple of non-serious forms of sexual assault at a younger age I. So I understand that things like self-confidence issues and sexual traumas etc. And the pace in which YOU want to take things. Whether it takes 1 visit or 2 before you are comfortable in inserting the catheter, or whether you ask them to pull it out halfway through the catheterisation, it seems to be okay. I have found myself being a lot more able to express to even my family and mainly my parents about the nature of the catheter and learning the names such as Urethral and Stricture have seemed to loosen my own stigma to myself and Urethra insertion stories me to open up my vocabulary to discuss the private matters of my urethra!

When I had the first intermittent self-catheterisation performed the nurse had to remove the catheter promptly as I was in agony, like a pain I had never felt before, like someone burning a drill through my bladder and pubis and then pouring acid and cutting it into my urethra as the catheters left my bladder. And I persevered with crying in a ball on the toilet floor after removing the catheter and feeling my urethra burn in a way it never had before.

It honestly was worse than cystitis, it was like the eyes of the catheter had sucked the walls of my bladder and urethra to them and twisted them skin first and flesh first into the eyes of the catheter as I removed the catheter out. However, I persevered and after less than a few days of using the catheters, I was rarely feeling ANY pain at all. I normally use my bedroom as my bladder voiding grounds as I Urethra insertion stories speedicaths with the pre-attached urine bag and I feel more comfortable doing my ISC there, and you know what?

Also, the places my cysts are located if there ARE cysts in my bladder, could have just been in the unfortunate spot of by the bladder neck and causing me pain. My bladder was a special case and even then the ease and the relatively pain-free way I can now carry on life with ISC is extraordinary. I feared so much for catheterisation, worried I would be seen as a freak.

A year-old girl with a catheter. Now not everyone might be using them for incontinence but if you are, think of it. It might be worth it. The medical supplies of catheters and urine bags are often hidden in nice handy nifty little boxes and in aesthetically pleasing packets anyway.

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Urethra insertion stories

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Urethra Stories