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Maybe I know a few people who can spend it on a car. As to the copyright issue? I was once really annoyed by Forever 21 selling Vayda suicide etsy with our slightly altered images on them, but an Artist? Richard Prince is an artist and he found the images we and our girls publish on instagram as representative of something worth commenting on, part of the zeitgeist, I guess? Thanks Richard! Do we have Mr. We have the same permission from him that he had from us.

We will be donating the profits from sales to EFF. I am really sorry I was not trying to dodge any questions, I DID actually reply to the top question initially my reply is just buried. These comments and upvotes came up after I had ed off so I missed them but can answer them now in more detail. About 10 years ago a handful of the thousands of models on my site felt slighted and went to a competitor site. We were sad to see them go, they were friends, it sucked, it felt personal and it hurt and it was lame.

We handled things the way that we felt at the Vayda suicide etsy was best, but would we do the same things now, probably not. We learned from the experience and in the ensuing decade people have come and gone largely without incident, we get it, life changes, interests change, dreams and goals shift and girls and photographers leave. Most of the time amiably, occasionally not, but I genuinely wish everyone well. Lithium Picnic was someone who we had a disagreement with and it took time to reach an agreement.

We eventually did settle things and he has moved on and so have we and I genuinely hope that he is doing well. We get that what we do is not for everyone. We try to provide a platform where people can express themselves in a supportive community and connect with like minded people.

Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I fuck up and I make the wrong call and the only thing to do is to try to learn from my mistakes.

Vayda suicide etsy

I am trying to be a better person every day though but some days are better than others. I run the day to day operations of the company, ask my staff, ask the models who come by the office, or look at my nearly 15 years of ever present history. My staff is overwhelmingly female and I am female so that is where the female run thing comes from, because it IS female run. I do press because I am in the office everyday and started and run the company.

I really hope that answers all of the questions, I honestly did not mean to dodge Vayda suicide etsy and I hope that you enjoy turning the tables on Richard Prince with us. Art collecting is an investment and can return more money than you originally paid for the work. Think they're dumb for wanting an instagram photo on their wall? Think again. Even the Richard Price original is just a reprint of something on the internet anyway. It's not like a painting where you have a hard original which was painted then prints are made of it.

I don't think so. If anything, all this attention will drive the price up even more. I guarantee those originals are now worth more because of all the controversy. There are always inexpensive prints made of artwork. Anybody can buy an Andy Warhol print The originals are still worth millions. It may not make sense, but like I said before it is literally a business.

It's not just about buying cool decor for your house. There are systems, companies and people in place that can and do keep this sort of thing happening because it's a lucrative business. They can basically manipulate the price of art at will, kind of like a stock market.

Vayda suicide etsy

The prints are just for people who want a poster or something. In that case, you're right that SG could compete. But, they are only competing with his prints.

Vayda suicide etsy

His originals are still the same value and are for Vayda suicide etsy different market. Generally every good piece of artwork will sell cheap prints. That doesn't lower the value of the original. They'll buy it from a reputable auction house or collector who will verify the authenticity of the work.

Yea, but that's not the point. The craftsmanship has nothing to do with the value. The original is the original because it's just that - the original. It has nothing to do with how hard it is to recreate. Again, it doesn't make sense, but that's how the art business works. You're really apologizing for using a common phrase that might possibly be twisted to imply that the founder of a porn site is a slut? I have no respect for this latest attention whoring by Prince, but to be fair, he's built a reputation in the art world starting in the 's around this kind of shit. He's a well known, recognized artist.

Anything he shits out will sell on his name alone. If it were that easy all art students would be rich. What he did took years to build up. He had to have had a huge amount of networking put in to land in art exhibits. Not only that but his art has to speak to buyers. It just takes years for your art to gain value.

Vayda suicide etsy

I never really understood why big-name visual artists get a free pass, though. If a really successful actor stars in a terrible movie, or a big band release a shit album, people call them on it. Only these tossers seem to have immunity. Probably because those other people you cited perform for the general public, not a bunch of self-congratulatory wealthy wankers. Oh, I think the people who run SG already have that part down. They're well known for screwing over their own models and photographers.

Business Here is the story…. I hope you love them. Beautiful Art, View all comments Show parent comments Please teach me how to get rich people to pay you so much for so little work. I think you're both missing the point. That's fair. Worthless in my eyes either way!

Vayda suicide etsy

In that case the original is on the internet, which is free to access. No slut shaming connotations You're really apologizing for using a common phrase that might possibly be twisted to imply that the founder of a porn site is a slut? SG is porn? I thought it was just nude photography.

Vayda suicide etsy Vayda suicide etsy

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