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What a great day it will be when she delivers her beautiful black son, hope he is only the first of many black babies she has. Pretty soon their dad will have to start buying diapers not just for his new black grandkinds but also for his daughters that wont be able to function properly after the black block party tonight. When the slave knows it has a guaranteed extended period alone at home e. Where whites asked to be trained to be servants to their Black Masters and Mistresses. If You have ever met, or seen, or heard, or read of an where a white has become a servant and Black Owned, You will note that NONE, not one, ever complains about it.

You will note that each and every one is grateful and content and feels a spiritual awakening. You will note that if they lose their Black Owner they quickly seek a new Black Owner so they can enter back into Black Servitude as quickly as possible. In the old slave days, the white masters used to breed Black Female slaves. Some were married and some were not. But They had no choice, it was door die. So now compare this to the white female owned by a Black Master, married or not. She will cut her husband off and he will gladly obey the Black Master and watch and serve while the Black Master breeds his wife.

It is not the old slave days, it is nothing like that. It is about whites realizing they are inferior and will be better off serving as slaves to their Superior Black Owners. They rejoice in serving their Superior Black Owners. They rejoice in serving; they rejoice in being Black Owned so there is no moral dilemma. There is no dark, evil side to Black Ownership of whites. It is how the races are meant to function; whites serving and obeying Blacks. And of Blacks owning and taking care of whites teaching them how to serve and how to obey so that they can take pride in their service to their Black Owners.

Menial tasks are performed by the white servants permitting their Black Owners to take care of more important business or to enjoy more leisure time. White males learn their true place in the pecking order. For example, every white placed into Black Ownership is another vote for the Black Cause and this is worth two votes because one vote against the Black Cause has been removed. White males become dependent and subservient to Black Males White wife world tumblr true respect by uplifting the Black Man to His rightful place in society as a Leader.

No Black Owned white male has ever remained a racist or an oppositionist to any Black or Black Cause. Status among Your Black Associates and Friends is elevated when They see You have risen to the point of owning white slaves. Well trained and properly disciplined white slaves add a deal of persona to a dinner, meeting or event. Seeing the whites scurrying around serving the Blacks in attendance shows an order that is to be admired by all intelligent people. Your Black Friends will be impressed by Your Status and Power when They see how well your white slaves serve and how happy they are in doing so.

They will be asking You about how They too can own white servants. You will be a very popular Person with other Blacks seeking such capable and well trained white slaves as those They witnessed at White wife world tumblr home or office. White servants have special talent for doing housework, laundry, gardening, lawn care, washing Your car, polishing Your shoes, cooking and serving meals. While Blacks make much better Leaders and Owners than whites. It is the natural order of things and one no one can deny. Sex is a lot of fun with whites; they appreciate it so much when a real Man or a real Woman is in control of them.

They show that appreciation with enthusiasm and loyalty. How many times have you ever heard of a white refusing to obey a desire or command given sexually by a Black? Whites, both female and male are sex toys for Blacks. If you want enthusiastic sex on demand owning a white sex toy is the way to go. No refusals, no argument, no resistance; just total compliances and obedience. Being White wife world tumblr and in control involves Power.

This Power is like an aphrodisiac to a white. But the Power is something the Black needs to feel and needs to experience or the Black feels repressed or downtrodden. There is nothing like this Power to provide confidence and security. To make the Black Person feel good and to have fun in life. What greater Power can One experience than to have a willing, loyal set of white slaves? Think about the Power One must possess to have a white husband willingly give his white wife to their Black Master and to agree not to touch her.

Think of the Power a Black Man must have to order a white husband to strip his wife in front of several other People and to prepare her and Him to enjoy each other in bed! If You want to know true Power, this is it. This is real Power, Power of Leadership and recognition of Superiority. Business can be greatly improved when you have people who are always loyal and dedicated to You. A white slave is this kind of employee. Many Black Owners of white servants use Their white slaves in their business to watch Their back.

To protect Them against lazy or thieving employees. That white cannot function without his Black Master so they become extremely protective of that Master. And last but not least owning whites is the right thing to do. Of running the country and the world. To stop crime and poverty. To ending race problems completely. It cannot be done by shortsighted or greedy Black Owners. When Blacks own whites, They must be ready to take responsibility to be good and caring Owners.

To teach whites how to serve and why they are destined to serve as slaves. Through proper white ownership, intelligent, capable Black Masters and Mistresses can change the world to a much better place and create a White wife world tumblr where We all live in harmony.

Lead, follow or get out of the way. Make Your decision to begin owning white slaves today or never complain about Your lack of position again. I will send you a few pictures of my black bull pissing contest winner of it was my daughter and son of ALL this year I have been watching a nigger COCK piss on up. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive. An original caption made by me. Whitebois, do you want your wife bred for your wedding? Ladies, do you want to be Black Bred for you special day?

Yes I do. Put an ad on Craigslist. Home alone: white slave protocol. During colder periods it will permitted to use a blanket to keep warm, and may wear socks. The slave will wear at least one of: a chastity device or a cock ring; a padlock and chain or collar The slave will eat all meals on its knees, without using hands; if Master requires it, the slave will sprinkle its food with piss or cum With the exception of sitting at its desk to work, the slave may not use furniture for sitting on; it will use the floor The slave will not stand to urinate, however … … The slave will not use the toilet seat to sit on The slave will where possible notify its Master in advance of periods alone at home, so that such activities as please Master can be ased.

Master will respect occasions when the slave needs to work at home. Nowithstanding this, the slave is required at least to wear a cock ring if it is not possible to observe all or any of the above protocol. BBC rules. Black Rule: Responsible Black Ownership of white slaves. What are the benefits of owning white slaves? US whites realizing that we are inferior and will be better off serving as slaves to their Superior Black Owners. I would be honored. Anonymous asked: Ever had black piss in your ass slut? Anonymous asked: think we'd all love it to see ur black daddy make u suck off and fuck a dog on film :.

I wonder if you could tell me how their cum tastes, I'd love to suck it out of my wife's pussy or have her snowball it into my mouth after giving head.

White wife world tumblr

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