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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. Tumblr has Basically, it's an approach to mental health that starts with: don't sit inside reading all the time, go outside and get exercise and sunshine, and eat good, nutrient-dense food. I'll never forget the day that I was sitting through a training course about mental health that gave statistics showing that America had better rates of recovery from mental illness in the s than we do today. The s. You know, before widespread psychiatric care and medications were available.

I'm not saying that these advances haven't done good things, and clearly the historical approach to treating mental illness had, to put it mildly, some major flaws, but if they were having better recovery rates in the s than we do today, it suggests they were doing something right. The training went into a few of the details that might have contributed to this--and it has been a few years since I saw this training course, so I'm probably going to get the details wrong, but here's what I can piece together with a bit of help from Gaskell. Doctors would prescribe things like taking walks or going out into the sunshine or changing diet--and these would be written out with instructions that should be followed like any other prescription, giving guidance that was more specific than "You should get more exercise.

You'd have a bout of depression or some kind of nervous breakdown, the doctor would provide treatment, and you would get through it and return to health. And of course there were more severe and difficult and chronic cases, but judging by the fact that they had better recovery rates, people did get cured.

Reading Gaskell earlier this year gave me a better idea as to why. In Wives and Daughters, we have Osbourne, whose temperament tends to depression, which gets worse when he suffers several severe setbacks. He isolates himself, staying inside and trying to write poetry. His family urges him to go outside, get out of his own head, and stop reading so many books--not with an anti-intellectual bent, mind you, because Roger is even more of an intellectual, but with the understanding that it's not healthy to sit inside and wallow in thoughts and emotions so much, and that good fresh air and sunshine and exercise could do a lot to help pull him out of his funk.

And though Osbourne never quite listens to his family's advice, he does do better when he's doing something and going somewhere. What rocked me even more and made me label this the Gaskell approach to mental health was reading Cousin Phillis. There's a scene where the narrator's boss suffers a severe illness requiring a lot of recovery time.

Phillis's family urges the narrator to bring Wife and daughter tumblr boss to their farm over the weekend, because they're certain that the fresh country air and Wife and daughter tumblr will do him lo of good. The mother even says something along the lines of, "We'll give him milk from our best cow, and her milk is as good as cream.

From a modern perspective, it was insane to see something labeled as a health food because it's higher in fat. But it's such a common-sense approach to nutrition. Fat is a nutrient. Your body needs nutrients, especially when it's trying to recover from illness. Your brain needs fat to function. When a modern person would have been counting calories or calculating out exact percentages of every nutrient, the Victorians were going, "We'll give you as much good food as possible.

It's so much more human to look at food, not as an enemy, but as a tool for healing. When you think about our modern world, where people live more than ever in urban areas, sit inside reading screens all day often as part of their joband those screens are telling them that they need to resist food, calculate food, war against food, is it any wonder that people aren't recovering from mental illness?

We've had tons of advances in analyzing and treating mental illness, but reading Gaskell makes me think that people of the past already had a pretty good idea of how to promote mental health. No, you never vexed me in my whole life, Roger. After talking with your aunt, Kara got out of the car to guide people towards the shelters. Once inside you all soon found Alex.

It was all a mess, there were agents going in every direction trying to figure out what was going on. She then led you all to the main screen where Brainy was working. In the big screen you were all able to see Wife and daughter tumblr least four spaceships covering the sky of National city. Lena looked closely, trying to recognize the machines. She walked towards a nearby table and grabbed a tablet. She started to type quickly ignoring everyone and everything around her. Everyone froze, just as your mother had said, Lex had been imprisoned a long time ago, a couple years before Lori was born.

The big threat that he meant all those years ago was now nothing but a memory. During the last ten years, all the DEO and your mothers had worked really hard to get to this level of safety. Nowadays, even Wife and daughter tumblr there were emergencies once in a while, they were never as big or critical as they used to be. Alex, Brainy and your mom started to discuss the possibilities.

You wanted to them, you wanted to help, but before you could do anything you saw how your sister suddenly left, she fastly started to walk away without saying a word, being almost unnoticed. You obviously never went to the bathroom, instead you went to one of the training rooms. It was a special place for Lori and you since it once became a daycare in which you spent a lot of days and some nights. You slowly opened the door and found her, Lori was curled up on the floor, silently crying.

Her back pressed to the wall with her head on her knees. So you simply sat next to her and placed your hand on her back and stood in that position for a few minutes, simply letting her know that you were there. Lori then looked at you, her eyes puffy and red. Kara walked in the room a couple seconds after. So every time they reunited they both needed to make sure that the other was safe. Once the sweet romantic moment was over Kara looked at you and your sister, you quickly got up and away from Lori. You clearly told her not to do that, you told her that it was dangerous, but she did it anyway.

The worst part was that she promised you she would tell you everything that was happening. Lori raised her head from her knees but she soon avoided making any visual contact with you and looked at Kara. This means that we do not have much time. You had heard every single story and adventure your mothers had lived and, even if this was a bit scary, it was also incredibly exciting. You quickly nodded. However if we can avoid any battle the better. You looked at Lori, if she had worked with Lex in this she would definitely know something that could help.

Lena looked at you and then at her eldest daughter. Something was clearly going on. Lori got up looking at the ground and then at you. You raised your eyebrows and walked towards her. You looked at her and then at Lori. Lena walked towards Lori and immediately hugged her. You looked at Lori and your mom, unsure of leaving, feeling responsible for what had happened. You nodded and quickly left the room. Kara then walked towards her wife and daughter and hugged them both.

After a few seconds they broke the hug. But now that you were, you could clearly see how much they had increased. After a few minutes Louis opened. Kara hear it and walked towards you. You nodded. Wife and daughter tumblr placed a lock of hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead. A few seconds later she was gone. You walk with Lena and everyone else towards the screen where you could see what was going on outside. Both Alex and your mom were guiding the rest towards the ship and ready to warn them if something happened.

So you walked around until you found her, she was on the balcony. You could see the guilt in her eyes. Thanks to the project I did with Lex all of this is happening. Because you did that we were now able to create a device to solve it.

You hugged for a few minutes. Then you heard it, you had to go. You nodded and took off. You continued to hear it, it was Jordan. You flew all the way to their farm, faster than you have ever flown. Once you arrived you entered the house, the door was open. Oh no. You froze, of course. It was Lex after all who got them here and he would obviously want revenge for what had happened all those years ago. But before you could leave she grabbed your hand.

The role of the Knight of Krypton was kicking in inside of you and you could tell, you had never felt like this before, you had never felt you protective and ready to do whatever it takes. You ran, no, you flew, you flew until you found them. They were surrounded by the most awful creatures you had ever seen. Which meant that Louis theory was true, they came prepared to hunt and take down all of your family.

The rage took over you once more, and without thinking about it, you used your heat vision. You managed to hit all of the aliens. This surprised you since you had never been able to use your heat vision with that precision. However, one of the aliens stood up and threw a kryptonite net over your body. You could feel how it burnt your skin, but then you simply pushed it away, as if it did nothing to you. It did, but the necessity to save them was stronger. You now understood Jor-El words, as the protector of the Kryptonians you were more resistant, more powerful and specially when they were in danger.

And without even noticing she had taken all of the aliens down.

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