Wife sex tumbler

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Bonus point if you bend over with people around! Bend over in front of attractive people. Bonus point if no bra! Whenever you catch someone looking, smile. At the end of the day, tell your hubby about it while he strokes himself. Cross your legs slowly as you talk and see his reaction. Bonus point if your hubby is present! Put your tits on display every time Wife sex tumbler server comes to your table.

Bonus point if the server gets caught obviously looking! After the meal, slip your panties off and sit at the bar and flirt with other men as he watches. Your hubby watches and controls it. Look at an attractive guy until he looks away. Bonus point if he approaches you! Hubby dictates how much cleavage is shown. Smile and flirt with every person that looks. At the end of the day, tell your hubby about it while you blow him. Wear a skirt with no panties while trying them on while someone assists you. Have fun and see how much attention you get.

Share it with your husband as you stroke him. Do things like crossing your legs, adjusting your shoes, etc. If you catch them, smile. Bonus point if no panties! Smile, flirt, bend over, etc. Then go home with your hubby and fuck! Do whatever it takes to make it happen! Do things like bending over, etc.

See how often you both catch them sneaking peeks. Here goes…. So, myself and my wife are currently on holiday in Spain.

Wife sex tumbler

The usual holiday thoughts. We drink, and we drink more, then we drink some more and normally end up having pretty sordid sex in the tub, but this time was different…. This came about through her mentioning a girls holiday from many years ago on which I know she had a one night stand. She was drunk, then allowed a guy to lead her into the unisex showers, and fuck her from behind. You say this all the time now? Why do you always want to know more about my past of being a slut? Well… what happened next? We talked briefly, she kept cutting in about not wanting the talk about her past sex life because she was a bit of a slut, blah, blah, blah.

I told her that I wanted to hear all of it, in as much detail as she could remember. No holes barred, I just straight up asked her. Mind blown. Kev is her ex boyfriend and first love. I know Kev, real arsehole of a bloke.

He broke her heart, she cried for weeks about it, then only a few months later we met up properly and started really hitting it off. Anyway, back to Kev the hung stud…. At this point my mind was racing. I was imagining her on her knees beneath him, eyes on his long, thick, huge, bulging love shaft as she gets a fifteen centimetre ruler and has to mark it by holding her finger where it ended, before placing the ruler further along his cock until it covered the end of his magnificent tool.

All the while she continues to gently stroke my comparatively small cock. How thick was it? Was it thicker than mine? I believed I have quite good girth. It was at that point she put her glass of wine down and straddled me, she Wife sex tumbler her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist, then used one hand to guide Wife sex tumbler rock-hard cock into her very, very inviting pussy.

She rocked back and forth, slowly at first, before increasing her speed. She pulled my head into her neck and she continued to rock on my cock, faster and faster, breathing heavier, water spilling and splashing out of the hot tub everywhere.

Wife sex tumbler

Her groans suggested she was close to orgasming, I just let her ride it out. She continued to ride me, slower this time allowing me the chance to pump my cock into what felt like a cavernous hole, she responded again, her eyes closed as I pounded my cock into her much looser than normal pussy.

I imagined Kev, pounding in and out of her with his huge cock, her body reeling at the immense pleasure it gave her countless times. I imagined them fucking in bed, in his car, her car, their parents beds, the shower, garden, kitchen, sofas. I imagined how she must have wanted his Wife sex tumbler cock non-stop, I imagined her licking it up and down, nibbling on it, teasing it, swallowing it. I imagined how they must have practiced getting as much into her mouth as she could.

His head just parting the lips of her pussy and her pushing him away with the palms of her hands. I expect he got a couple of inches in her before she had to blow him and swallow every last bit of his cum to relieve him. I imagined her complaining less this time because she wanted to make Kev, her first love, proud of her, she wanted him to be impressed that she could take all he had.

I pictured her so vividly, laying on her back, naked, with her long, hung first love of her life on his knees between her stretched legs, her perfect, unblemished, clean, pretty pussy laid out before him. She wanted her first time to be genuine love…. I imagine him lining up for this second time, teasing her clit with his throbbing helmet, poking the tip against her pussy lips, then pushing it further into her tight, aching, dripping wetness. If she puts up with the pain now, beyond lies a world of intense pleasure.

The pain is starting to subside now. He continues to go slow, aided by the increased wetness of her tight pussy. In and out a little quicker. Almost there. Her back arching as she tries her best to take more, to satisfy him, to give Wife sex tumbler to him completely. Her pussy has now opened up to him, completely open to being thrust into by Kev and his stunning tackle. All in.

Wife sex tumbler

I imagine her sharp intake of breathe as she realised how euphoric it feels. Orgasm on top of orgasm as Kev pulls and pushes his huge cock in and out of her. His swollen balls swinging against her arsehole as she lays in missionary, pulling him into her to feel it deeper and deeper, stroking her Wife sex tumbler. Pulling him further into her, as deep as he could possibly get, her legs wide and his head now by the side of hers as they make love.

I want you in me. Oh my god just cum in me please, please baby! I imagine his spasms of pleasure inside her, her feeling each spurt of his hot cum coating the inside of her pussy. I picture his balls relaxing and resting against her bare, pretty, tight arsehole as cum starts to leak out of her now aching pussy. They rest.

My now wife laid under her first love, his magnificent cock still laid in her as she pulls him in for a long, lingering kiss. Pulling it back into her, forcing his foreskin back inside her and her feeling it rubbing the walls of her ly unpenetrated pussy. It was at that very thought I exploded inside of her. Did you forget we were in the hot tub? She moaned and gushed on me, using that exact squeeze I just described to eek out every last drop of my cum. Kev with the incredible cock. Kev with the amazing oral skills.

Wife sex tumbler

Kev, her first love. Kev, the one who broke her heart. Am I addicted to this now? Non-Cheating Hotwife Challenge. Fucking another man b. Sucking another man c. Him and a stranger guy or girl sharing you 32 - At a party, leave at least one extra button unbuttoned. Go out and do whatever he asks. The hung, alpha stud. Here goes… So, myself and my wife are currently on holiday in Spain. Still smiling, still stroking my cock. She wanted her first time to be genuine love… I imagine him lining up for this second time, teasing her clit with his throbbing helmet, poking the tip against her pussy lips, then pushing it further into her tight, aching, dripping wetness.

One inch. Back out. Then one inch again. Back out slowly. One and a half. Two Wife sex tumbler. Then back out of her pussy. Further again. In and out slowly. In and out quicker. And a bit. Her exact words from when she measured it. Husband fantasizing another dick inside her. Recently Liked. Luv how hard she got him.

Wife sex tumbler

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