Young sissy boy tumblr

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Sadly there is no magic pill to become a Premature Ejaculator at least not reliably! The first stage takes lots of will power. So initially you will be focusing on re-wiring your triggers and habbits.

Young sissy boy tumblr

If you manage not to cum for several days you will find yourself starting to edge sooner and sooner, maybe you start feeling the ability to cum after a couple of minutes. Unfortunately this feeling is only temporary, if you ejaculate now then you will go back to being able to last. This first phase will feel extremely frustrating! Despite how much your body cries out. You must focus all your willpower, your desire to become a permanent premature ejaculator must outweigh the pleasure you feel when cumming.

Keep jerking off, edging, stopping, jerking off, edging, stopping! Get up to one whole week of this! When you start to feel these feelings but no sooner than one week stop, and continue to phase 2. Your first day of phase 2 will be spent without touching your dick at all.

Let it become a part of you, let it turn you on so much. But do not stroke your dick. Jerking off today is as unobtainable as the tits or pussies you see on your screen. The next day you will start phase 2 proper. Your task will be to bring up your favorite porn, start jerking, and cum as soon as you feel the need:. Feel what that feels like, remember which muscles you relaxed.

If you want to extend your jerk-off session you may look at porn without touching your dick, but from the moment you touch your dick you must not stop jerking till you cum. Then put your penis away. No matter how horny you are you must not jerk off again this day. The next day, browse your favorite porn without touching your dick. Remember how easy it was yesterday? Well today it was almost as easy! This will be your life for Young sissy boy tumblr next two weeks.

Over the 14 days you will notice the time taken to cum and your ability to resist cumming will reduce. Perhaps you can record your timings, make a graph of it, chart your descent. What we are doing is causing your ejaculatory muscles to dystrophy. We are physically reducing your ability to hold back.

Young sissy boy tumblr

It will take at least two weeks of this behavior for long-term effects to materialize, but it will be worth it in the end. Welcome to the Premature Ejaculator club. Just be sure you want to be here, getting in in your control, but getting out is a billion dollar industry. Dad was sick and tired of Sandy falling classes and partying all night with boys. It was time for Aaron to be a dad and lay down the law. Dad did not care. No need for the team to suffer for…. View On WordPress.

Pretty small, just like a good sissy.

Young sissy boy tumblr

Not yet! How to Become a Premature Ejaculator. Phase 2. Conventional Ejaculation Your first day of phase 2 will be spent without touching your dick at all. Let your cum explode, and enjoy your release. No need for the team to suffer for… View On WordPress. Recently Liked.

Young sissy boy tumblr

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